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Just as the job market is constantly changing, your resume should too. But when was the last time you actually looked at your CV? It’s one of the things you easily ignore unless you look for a new job outside your company or angle for a promotion. However, anyone who has gone through the process will tell you it’s best to keep up with the times no matter where you are in your career.

But let’s face it, while looking through your details, building a solid portfolio, or rethinking how you present yourself should be a priority, it can be overwhelming. Thankfully, Erica Rivera, a Chicago-based senior recruiter at Google who goes under the handle @careerdivacoaching on TikTok, is here to lend a helping hand.

She recently went viral for laying out 5 things that make resumes look outdated in 2022. As a recruiting professional with plenty of experience in the field, she’s screened thousands of resumes and knows the most common mistakes people should stop making right now. Scroll down to read her tips in full, and let us know what you think about them below in the comments!

Erica Rivera, a Chicago-based senior recruiter at Google, recently went viral for sharing 5 things that people should stop including in their resumes. After screening thousands of CVs, Erica explained on her TikTok that these things make yours look outdated in 2022

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 told Bored Panda the inspiration to create this TikTok stemmed from seeing countless LinkedIn posts over the last few months where people discussed their struggles to successfully land interviews and get job offers.

“It made me realize that we have all been on the search at some stage or another in our lives, and it takes courage to come to the table and be vulnerable. It made me realize that as a recruiter, I have the opportunity to share knowledge that I have gained through my career to give job seekers insights into how they can make tweaks in their job search process to land a job,” she added.

When Erica saw the video going viral, all she could say was, “WOW! I feel truly honored that I have been able to share information with people in a way that has created a significant impact.”


The video has caused quite a stir on the platform, with people expressing appreciation, giving criticism, and chiming in with their own tips. It’s safe to say everyone has their own ideas on the matter, as crafting a good resume can be intimidating for even the most experienced professionals. It’s hard to know what the employer expects, so you’re often left guessing — sometimes in the completely opposite direction.

“There are always going to be varying opinions, but I have received so much love from people that have expressed gratitude for the information I have shared out, and this is absolutely amazing,” the recruiter noted. “The positive feedback has been so overwhelming in the best way possible and has inspired me to continue creating a channel for people to find information related to various stages of the job search process.”


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