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Ahead of the Lagos unveiling of the print edition of The Podium International Magazine on June 7, the Publisher, Mr Ademola Akinbola, has reiterated that the vision is to build a global media brand that will celebrate the good deeds of Nigerians all over the world.

Speaking in Lagos on Tuesday during a virtual engagement session with the media and other stakeholders from Nigeria, as well as Europe and North America, Mr Akinbola noted that the culture of blame, criticism, and condemnation must be replaced with a culture that appreciates and celebrates good people while they are still alive.

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“As a people, we are quick to condemn but slow to commend. We sometimes also celebrate people with dubious pedigree. This must stop. A lot of Nigerians are doing exploits all over the world, unnoticed, unrecognized, and uncelebrated. The Podium is out to change this order “, he said.

According to him, The Podium Media, which he founded in 2019, is focused on identifying and serenading the good and exemplary deeds of Nigerians at home and abroad.

“We are irrevocably committed to pioneering a culture revolution under which outstanding feats of honest and diligent Nigerians will be showcased for posterity. The Podium International Magazine is a platform created to promote Nigeria and Nigerians in a way that will add value to those concerned and the country in general”, he added.

The Podium is a general interest magazine which commenced operations in 2019 with an online edition via The print edition  debuted in the United States in 2021. It currently circulates in Houston, Dallas, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and Indianapolis. 


The Nigerian print edition will be unveiled on June 7 in Lagos at CLAM Events Centre, CLAM Way, Omole Phase 1, Lagos, at 10.00am. The UK edition will follow on June 18. 

An important feature of the June 7 event is the lecture on Branding and Entrepreneurship that will be delivered by Akogun Modupe Adetokunbo, one of Nigeria’s critically acclaimed Public Relations specialists.


Akinbola stated that the global unveiling is an inclusive marketing strategy aimed at extending the reach of the Magazine to major countries with significant Nigerian population. Canada and South Africa will follow in August and October respectively, he added.

The mission of The Podium International Magazine is to celebrate Nigerian professionals, business managers, and entrepreneurs with legitimate means of livelihood. The focus is on sharing success stories so that others can learn and be inspired.

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Akinbola is an experienced journalist and an accomplished author with four published books. He has nearly three decades of professional experience as a strategic marketing communications professional. He worked in the mainstream media for the first seven years of his career at The Guardian, West African Pilot, Punch, and ThisDay before he switched to Brand management.

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