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Mr Wale Akinterinwa, Ondo State Commissioner for Finance, was today honoured as the Commissioner of the year by the Ondo State Chapter of the Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ). The ceremony was held at the NUJ Press Center in Akure, amidst a hail of commendations for Akinterinwa for his outstanding achievements and exemplary leadership style.

The NUJ justified its decision to bestow this esteemed award upon Akinterinwa by attributing it to his remarkable contributions towards the development and progress of the state. Through his competent and dedicated stewardship, Akinterinwa has succeeded in propelling Ondo State forward, making significant strides in various sectors of the economy.

One of the noteworthy accomplishments of Akinterinwa’s tenure is the remarkable increase in the state revenue. Through his astute financial management strategies and prudent allocation of resources, the Commissioner for Finance has significantly bolstered the state’s revenue, providing a strong financial foundation for the government to execute crucial developmental projects and initiatives.

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Moreover, it was revealed that Akinterinwa has gone beyond his official responsibilities and actively contributed towards the welfare of the NUJ. The Commissioner generously supported the ongoing building project of the NUJ financially, exemplifying his commitment to the growth and progress of the press in Ondo State.

This recognition by the NUJ is a testament to Akinterinwa’s unwavering dedication, excellence, and competence in his capacity as the Commissioner for Finance. It highlights his pivotal role in driving the state’s financial success and development, despite the challenges faced by the nation’s economy. Hon. Wale Akinterinwa’s outstanding achievements have undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the socio-economic landscape of Ondo State.

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