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Nigeria ranks eighth in a list of countries most interested in cryptocurrency in the world, according to a new study.

Since its launch, cryptocurrency has been surrounded by a lot of interest – seen in the rise of Bitcoin – and scepticism.

Through analysing search volumes, experts at were able to discover which countries in the world are most interested in cryptocurrency and rank the world’s most googled concerns surrounding it.

According to the study, Nigeria, which is the first African country on the list, averaged around 192,000 annual online searches.

The United States is the country most interested in cryptocurrency, with an astonishing 2,556,000 online searches regarding cryptocurrency each year – the equivalent of 7,003 online searches per day.

Ranking second is India, where there are 804,000 annual online searches about cryptocurrency. Despite following in the leader board, this is still 69% lower than the United States.


United Kingdom follows in third place with an average of 648,000 online searches about cryptocurrency each year.

Indonesia (324,000), Canada (300,000), Vietnam (276,000), and Australia (273,000) are among the other countries in the world where there are over 200,000 annual online searches about cryptocurrency, respectively ranking fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh.


South Africa, the only other African country on the list, ranks fourteenth with 94,800 searches, above the Netherlands, Japan, France and Ireland.

At the other end in 20th place is Singapore with an average of 61,200 online searches relating to cryptocurrency each year.


The most googled concerns surrounding the currency included its safety, legality and volatility, as well as whether or not it is a good investment. utilised analytics tool Ahrefs to collate the monthly search volumes for ‘cryptocurrency’ for each individual country worldwide. The monthly searches were then multiplied by 12 to establish an average annual search volume.

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