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By Ugo Egbujo

I think Jagaban has shown leadership.

But nobody ever talks about the honesty and transparency he has instituted in one month

Had he chosen to enrich himself, his family and friends,

He could have kept the subsidy and multiple exchange rates for a while.

With Emefiele willing to service the cronies of president’s,

Jagaban’s family and friends could have reaped billions upon billions on dollar round tripping.

To shut out about the easiest existing way to make money from week one, he showed good faith and sincerity.


He put the country first. Let’s not pretend we don’t know how politicians enrich themselves in Nigeria

To disrupt and dismantle the opaque and corrupt petrol subsidy mechanism from day one, he showed brave mettle and more.

These are windows any unscrupulous leader could have quietly exploited.


That determination to eliminate waste must stretch quickly to become a cost cutting attitude. It has to be internalised and allowed to govern the government

It must reflect on the number of aides govt officials appoint. It must affect the size of convoys. It must be seen in a drastic reduction in festivity in government.


He said we have seen only baby steps. Let’s hope the government and government officials begin to tighten its belt to teach the the people the sacrifice they have been preaching.

The people are losing subsidies, government officials can’t continue jamboree lifestyles at tax payers’ expense


The removal of subsidies have left the people in anguish. But cash distribution won’t help. They need amenities. Water. Health care. Eduction. Mass transport systems. Jobs. Security.

Jagaban has started well.

Lennox Mall

But to renew hope, he must install frugality and banish prodigality in government institutions and systems, starting from the presidency.

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