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Mrs. Oluwatimilehin Olubukola Kuteyi, married to Mr. Adeleke Kuteyi, is a multi-dimensional entrepreneur who has investments in diverse sectors of the economy. She is an Owo, Ondo State-based business manager who is actively putting into use the knowledge she acquired as a graduate of Business Administration from the Ondo State Polytechnic, Owo (now Rufus Giwa Polytechnic).  

Well-known and addressed as Timmy’s World, Mrs. Kuteyi’s entrepreneurship story is as inspiring as it is motivating. She started as a retail trader operating from a small container. Through hard work, commitment, perseverance, humility, and trust in God, she rose through the entrepreneurship ranks and is today one of the major success stories of entrepreneurship in Owo Kingdom and Ondo State.

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Today, Timmy’s World, her business brand name, can be likened to UAC, Chicken Republic, or even Shoprite. She is reputed for her forthrightness, calmness, and supportive nature. Timmy’s World is a large-scale dealer in provisions, household items, and home accessories of genuine quality.  Because of her penchant for humanitarian work, her goods are very affordable as the prices are comparable to similar outlets.

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Mrs. Kuteyi’s exploits in business have been made possible by focus, determination, professionalism, the grace of God, and the unflinching support of her husband, Prince Adeleke who dotes on her and ensures that she is cared for and pampered.

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Timmy and her husband
Timmy and her husband

Timmy’s World: 13 Oke Ogun Street, By Aruwajoye Junction, Oke Ogun, Owo, Ondo State

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