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Three-and-a-half years on, the police in the United Kingdom have announced that they are still in search of the killer of Abayomi Junior Ajose, a Nigerian father of three.

According to The UK Mirror, Ajose, 36, was shot in the head on June 21, 2020, at a party in the Manchester area. The Nigerian was said to have been shot by an unnamed shooter, who is still at large.

Ajose was trying to render medical help to Cheriff Tall, a 21-year-old party guest who had been shot in the head, when the same gunman prevented him from doing so by shooting him in the head as well.

Following the shooting, the gunman fled the scene and both men were taken in cars to a hospital. The two, however, died of devastating head injuries moments later.

Ajose was said to have attended the party with his children. The police also added that the incident happened as the party was about to come to an end.

In the course of its investigation, the police said it had interviewed 149 witnesses, seized 1,500 exhibits and taken 89 CCTV clips from 24 locations.


“We have been conducting recent enquires on this case and any opportunity we get we will continue to do so in terms of further lines of enquiry coming to us will be pursued. It’s our belief from the beginning these men have been murdered. Both have been victims of gunshots to the head, single gunshots, and both have been killed by the same individual,” said Neil Higginson, a chief inspector of police, was quoted as saying.

The unnamed killer is believed to have fled the United Kingdom. However, the police are still appealing to more witnesses to come forward to help get justice for the deceased’s families.


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