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I closed my eyes and my clenched fists raised above my head in strict adherence to my inner mind’s dictates. The air was charged. Deafening silence. Thudding hearts. Sporadic shrieks. Soothing sopranos signalled the end of the Sunday service. One after the other, the excited congregation dispersed. But a small crowd still vacillated around the vestry, waiting to see the pastor.
Fred, My husband and I joined the queue. Soon, it was our turn. Resplendent in his immaculate white cassock, Pastor Tev welcome us to his office whose gleaming walls bore evangelical inscriptions. Fred wanted the pastor to pray for him as he would be going on a business trip to Lagos the following day.
Tall, handsome and charismatic, Pastor Tev’s baritone voice complemented his urbane visage. He prayed for us and we took our leave afterwards.
Two days later, It was Pastor Tev’s call that woke me. ” Good morning sister Linda, hope you are not missing your husband too much ” he enquired in a sweet, velvety voice; different from his usual bassy elocution on the pulpit.
” I’m missing him o, In fact, too much self ” I responded offhandedly ” I think I need help, I don’t understand the type of cravings I have… My libido is damn too high”
That was a monumental slip. I shouldn’t have been that careless with my intimate feelings. But you can’t really blame me. I was brought up in a home where bluntness is commonplace. My sister once told her ex boy friend in my presence that his prick was too small to fill her cunt. I also remember my niece telling our neighbours that she couldn’t do without sex in a day. Coming from such a blunt background, what I just did was not unusual. Nevertheless, I was talking to a pastor, not just anybody.

” It is okay, sister Linda. I will talk to you later. Please take care of yourself ” Pastor Tev said, not betraying any emotions as he hung up.

I felt some trill in my thighs as I tried to get up from bed. Driblets congealed on my fleshy laps. I dashed to the bathroom for a thorough wash. Though I succeeded in cleaning my messy cunt, I remained horny, still spouting.
I decided to get myself engaged in domestic activities. And it helped.

Pastor Tev called back in the afternoon and invited me over to his house. It was not unusual to visit him at home. But it had always been at the instance of my husband. Fred often sends gifts and food items to the pastor through me. Sometimes, too, we visited him together.

Tev lives in a plush apartment, a 4-bedroom detached house in Jabi. His wife and children are mostly abroad but Tev has a retinue of aides at his beck and call.
As I stepped into his tastefully furnished living room, he welcome me with a sweltering hug! That was unusual. He led me to a seat but as I bent down to sit, he drew me close, smooched and moved me to his leather sofa. That was brazen.

But he was relentless. He undressed me at a frenetic pace and inserted a finger in my flooded pussy. I whimpered and twirled as I slid my right hand inside his pants. His dick was huge and turgid. I loved what I felt. I moaned in earnest desire.
The pumping drill began. It was not funny. Tev is endowed beneath his thighs. His deep thrusts touched my intestines, creating pain and pleasure.
I squeaked loudly. I ran commentary of compliments as we switched styles and positions. Hard dick makes hot pussy. I was completely wrecked yet he kept on striking until he began to grunt.


” Darling, don’t pour in me” I screeched in a wearied voice. He pulled out at once and sprayed thick semen on my thighs.
I got back home late in the night, feeling great and guilty. I mused over the inappropriate adventures in the pastor’s house. I realised that I’m in love with him. Though profane, the experience was profound. Tev drilled me for 20 minutes at a go and had three rounds non stop. Unlike Fred whose erection hardly lasts for three minutes.

After five days, Fred returned home but I really wished he had stayed longer in Lagos. He noticed that I was no longer hot on him for sex. Neither was I cuddling him at night. He suspects that something is wrong with me. But I assured him that I was fine. My heart is with Pastor Tev.


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