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Strange and sudden events will happen in 2023 to disrupt the existing political calculations, permutations, and speculations, Pastor Wole Oladiyun, Senior Pastor of the Christ Livingspring Apostolic Ministry (CLAM), said in Lagos at the weekend.

Speaking during the Ministry’s Crossover service, Pastor Oladiyun disclosed that 2023 is the year that will witness the fulfillment of God’s long-standing prophecies to liberate Nigeria.

Citing Joel 2:18, Pastor Oladiyun said: “God would be zealous for His land; He will take over Nigeria and upturn all predictions, analyses, and speculations on the 2023 election. Nobody will be able to understand or stop the divine disruptions that will take place in Nigeria this year”.

He added: “God will turn the knowledge and wisdom of the troublers of Nigeria into foolishness. He will confound many with the unusual and unpredictable manner He will walk through Nigeria and upstage the existing political order”.

Pastor Oladiyun said that beginning from this year, Nigerians with Diaspora experience will start returning to rescue the nation.

On the state of the Church, Pastor Oladiyun stated that God will wake up the church globally and recruit more workers into the vineyard. He listed the following as the things the Church must do to remain relevant in the current and future dispensations:

  1. Things must be done decently and in order. “We must intentionally train and retrain our ministers and workers if we want to be relevant. Workers in the vineyard of God need fresh and contemporary knowledge in leadership and administration”, he added.
  2. Church members must be prepared for a Godly family life system so that marriages and relationships can be salvaged.
  3. General Overseers must deliberately train and groom their members in entrepreneurship, so that more small business owners can emerge.
  4. Churches must form cooperatives and come up with crowdfunding models in order to provide capital for entrepreneurs among them.
  5. Churches must work with technocrats and experienced professionals to share knowledge with their members.
  6. Churches must engage in community development projects.
  7. The Church must prepare its members for governance and leadership.
  8. There should be programmes for youth mentorship and empowerment. There must be Innovation departments in each church.
  9. Churches must have wellness departments

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