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The pre-eminent meme coin DigiToads is making headlines with its impressive ecosystem and limitless amenities, while Dogecoin is slowly getting sidelined.

Memecoins has always had a special place in the heart of investors primarily because of their moon potential. The first ever meme currency, Dogecoin, shook the world by storm when it multiplied by 14000% in 2021, a perfect example of why investors favor meme coins. However, the price of this asset has somewhat remained unchanged in the last two years. This does not mean that the sovereignty of meme currencies is over. Countless new meme coins have stepped into the crypto space, and among them are DigiToads. The newbie firm has already secured a place in the list of top 5 cryptocurrencies with the best presale.

DigiToads (TOADS):

DigiToads has managed to steal the spotlight owing to a highly successful presale. The firm has managed to allure a plethora of investors through some remarkable features of the presale, such as the absence of a vesting period, an audit by Coinsult, and acceptance of a wide array of digital assets as a form of payment.

With the toad as its mascot, DigiToads offers an opportunity for crypto enthusiasts to make a fortune by availing it of stake-to-earn and play-to-earn features. The TOADS token also has excellent utility in The Swamp (DigiToadsmetaverse).

The firm’s countless earning opportunities fuel the popularity of DigiToads. By simply staking their TOADS NFTs, users can secure great returns. The returns that take the form of TOADS are sourced from the NFT staking pool. This pool is maintained by the 2% tax collected by the firm on each trade.


DigiToads has deployed a P2E game on The Swamp where users can access a basic toad. By working on their Toad characters, players can upgrade them. Food and all the necessities for the action figures can be purchased using TOADS. The profit made through the sale of these items will be disbursed as rewards among winners of contests hosted by the firm.

The firm will hold monthly trading competitions for one whole year where users can flaunt their trading skills. The Triumphant of each month’s contest will be chosen to administer trades on the firm’s behalf. These individuals will have access to the treasury to obtain funds to execute these trades. 90% of the gain made on the trade will go back to the treasury, and the remaining 10% will be in the wallet of these traders. This ensures a sound financial system and an overflowing treasury.


DigiToads has attained unnerving fame in such a short time, mainly due to the innumerable possibilities that it creates for its users. A great example of one such possibility is the mascot meme contest, where community members compete with each other to design a mascot for the firm. The best design will not only be selected as the mascot, but the creator will benefit from enticing rewards.



Dogecoin was once considered one of the best crypto. Occasional surges in the price of Dogecoin are still common, but the exponential growth that once used to keep this asset on top can no longer be seen. The arrival of new meme coins in the crypto market plays a significant role in the downfall of this asset.


Supporters of Elon Musk and Doge claim that Doge is still among the best crypto investments. However, it should be remembered that Doge was created as a joke and has limited utility. DigiToads, on the other hand, has limitless utility and offers more innovative features. The firm is bound to overthrow Doge as the leading choice of meme coin enthusiasts worldwide.

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