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All those who study nature, humanity, and the ways of their worlds, would most easily know that naturally existing societies usually teach and learn by stories; mostly in the nature of parables, adages and other such wise “sayings”. The more silly, false to itself, to others persons, or to the society as a whole that the leaders get (or indeed, the more wickedly they do so), then the more such stories are told.

All animals are usually involved in such stories, even if not every one of them is mentioned in every one of such stories. Each animal is usually reflected according to its noted usual characteristics in the given fashion of its natural behaviours, as perceived by man. Birds, by their nature of flying over men daily in their daily lives, are usually involved in such stories because they are believed to have been seeing all the things that men do, especially when such men believe that they are alone, but without knowing that the birds flying over them have been seeing and hearing of all these “secrete ways”, Also! So, George Orwell tells one of these stories in his Animal Farm storybook; the same as Jesus (who is also called the Christ did), especially with the Scribes, the Pharisees and the Sadducees of His time!

So, what do all these have to do with Nigeria as a country; or of her history? Well, I am unable to explain it exactly. But obviously, Nigeria as we speak now in 2021 has got to the level of overall rascality, anarchy, wickedness and the promotion of these lies and wickedness in the place of truth that the birds that I am familiar with would like to say something to Nigerians about their history. These birds believe that in this way, a good number of these Nigerians will wake up across the entire country and save themselves in unity, from the imminent calamity that is about to befall them otherwise. No normal person should dedicate himself to a vision of himself, of another, or of any entire society that is simply impossible to pursue or to achieve in any world; where a handful of people of the same race, or even a true minority of the society, would believe that they will be forcing themselves over the entire humongous country of persons and tribes! Obviously, the way of peace, mutual love, equity, “the best to everybody according to their needs and from everybody according to their capacities and natural gifts, freely”, must be the way of any society that will survive, develop and progress for the benefit of themselves and the entire human race. The opposite is surely the ways of the devil and his agents!

So, The Bird that whispered these things in my ears while I slept recently said these to me. He did so also even in “the parables of the birds”; but for some reason, I was able to make sense out of it. Over time, I will verify these facts with truly documented history and write a proper story in its regard. But for now, I share these as told to me by the bird in this recent dream, so that those who have ears may be able to learn what The Bird is saying to Nigerians: “Once upon a time around the year of 4519, a young man in a country called Rearniger (the upper side of it) said to them who colonized them, as they were agreeing to grant them independence, that they will not be allowed to do so! They will not be party to such independence, unless the colonial masters gave back to him (or them) that upper part of it, until he is able to prepare it enough to eventually overtake and to own the entire country according to his ancestors’ original plan! The rest of how this demand went thereafter, are too long; and so, will only be told at another time. The colonial masters initially objected to this demand. But later, seeing the advantage of this demand for their perceived eternal backwardness of this Rearniger (and such other “to be preferably retrogressive colonial places”), eventually agreed and did so.

This young man, having gotten what he wanted, and with the tacit understanding of the colonial masters that this is an eternal covenant to be supported at all costs between them, went ahead to be preparing for their military take-over of the country eventually when the colonial masters hand the place over to him (and/or his cohorts) at the sham ceremony of independence as they will shortly perform. Immediately this happened, this cohort went ahead with the undermining of one of the sections of Rearniger at which they had been most successful with this surreptitious ownership in the past. They, using the secrets of religious subterfuge, created a political anarchy called TIEWET in that region (this calls for deep understanding), with plans for more in some of the other regions; until some perceptive young soldiers decided to put an end to these secret events.

Due to the youthful enthusiasm of these young people, many of the things they planned went wrong. So, the foot soldiers that had been all the while being prepared in the upper part of Rearniger (through all fair and foul means), took over this attempt at restoration of sanity for all the peoples. Despite three attempts to restore some sanity to this chaotic way of trying to run a country by young people from outside of this neo-colonizing ethnic nationality, especially when the most previously deceived or truly wicked of the prepared foot soldiers was at the helm of affairs, these erstwhile corruptly prepared soldiers of the total take-over of Rearniger had successfully neutered them. They have carried on with their masters’ and caliphate plans till date.

Now Rearniger is in total chaos! Only the shedding of all fanatical religious or ethnic hegemonic ideologies and dedications, and uniting together to work for the common good (even ALSO, for the benefit of the marginalized of the upper Rearniger by her very own people), will save them. All the sensible people across the massive place must stop working in isolation, seek the common ground and save both themselves and their entire (and still would be large) country, from the disaster of the primitivity, the barbarism that encircles them! This they must do in no stupid belligerent ways; but by way of mutual love and true civilization in the modern world.” The dream bird then flew away!

When I woke up from my sleep, I instantly knew or at least was convinced, that this dream bird was talking to me about Nigeria (and not Rearniger). However, the exact story may not be as Anyone may think it. I felt that I must share this parable from the bird while I get on with the exploration necessary for the factual documented facts like “this story of the bird”; that I actually believe to be about Nigeria. Then, I will return and share those findings in a more physically verifiable way. Before then, let every responsible and/or educated Nigerian, across all the ethnic and religious divides, both at home or abroad, get up and do what they need to do about their dear country, whether they think it is already Eldorado, or otherwise as it actually is; and so, may GOD HIMSELF BLESS NIGERIA! Amen.
Asuzu is a retired professor of public health and community medicine, University of Ibadan.


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