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All my life, I have focused on my character and what I can control. I do not focus on what people do or think. What you think of me is my reputation. Reputation is different from character. I noticed I have started seeing those who snooze me, unfollowed or blocked me. All in the name of politics. In party politics, the primaries are the contentious plays. Once a candidate is picked, we close ranks. You are free to call me names. As a public office holder, I know insults comes with the territory. Now to the brass tacks.

  1. Asiwaju is the President elect whether you like it or not. He will not make 25% in three states. What you are seeing is real politik. You win some, you lose some. We have always known that urban centers with high educated youths or university towns will vote for labor. For me Yèyé-Ọba, there are no surprises in this election the poll I have access to, is solid and I have made my calls based on data since January 30. Last year, on August 8, I made preliminary predictions and published it in my column. I wasn’t at liberty to disclose the polling data on Facebook but I made the percentage known.

2.Sanwoolu will win Lagos. He will outperform Asiwaju by 15-18%. In addition, no two elections are the same. I expect voter turn out to drop between 12-15%. History is my guide here.

  1. Polling data showed me, that Kwakwanso’s party has high probability of producing the next governor of Kano. The old NEPU, PRP, Talakawa populism is the propellant.
  2. President Obasanjo lost the right to call for cancelation after endorsing a candidate. If it is General Gowon, we may listen. We should thank those who amended the electoral act. No court injunction can be obtained.
  3. Asiwaju will form an inclusive government. He will work for Nigeria. He knows he has to take a dive at the deep end.
  4. All this name calling should just stop. We are all in the fruit market. Let the apple sellers sell and let the orange seller canvas customers. How is that a problem?

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