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By Ugo Onuoha J85
& Jeremiah Agada J13

Chidorum Benedict Nwakanma or CBN was born a leader. The circumstances of his birth and the environment did not grant him the luxury of being a child. A male child in the midst of female siblings turned him into a man from the get-go. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Chido is associated with leadership wherever he is and whatever he does.
Back in Jackson Building, four decades ago by 2021, Chido who was competing with Sam Ameh for who was the youngest in an unusually small set of barely 25 students, stood out even then as a leader. In the intervening years since then the trait has not deserted him. Instead it’s becoming more pronounced. And as we know, a leader naturally associates with another leader. No wonder Chido has been a long time associate of Prof. Pat Utomi, President, Jacksonites Alumni Association Worldwide. Chido had worked at various times in different newspapers including City Tempo Newspaper published by Sonala Olumhense. He was the News Editor at City Tempo where Kayode (Dr. Kayode Fayemi), two-times Governor of Ekiti State, had worked under Chido as a rookie reporter. You can say that Chido has come a long way across the spectrum of mass communications. He virtually lives mass communications all round the clock!

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Ever wondered who originated the vibrant Jacksonites’ WhatsApp platform? Who had the foresight, insight and hindsight to gather the finest minds from the Jackson College of Journalism in what has today become a formidable force in the scheme of things! It goes without saying that Chido, as the originator of the Jacksonites Platforms, and the Executive Secretary of the Jacksonites Alumni Network, was a key player in the congregation of Jacksonsites that conceived the long overdue mega New Jackson Building which as Prof. Utomi articulated would bring the UNN to the world and the world to UNN. It’s a dream building that can take your breath away!!!!

Chido J’85, a super craftsman and a wordsmith, was recently named among the 50 Most Influential Marketing Communication Prae’titioners in Nigeria (alongside our Dr. Josef Bel-Molokwu, Emeka Oparah and Nn’E’meka Maduegbuna). He is a communication strategist, marketer and scholar with extensive media and industry experience consulting in Nigeria and Africa.

Currently, Chido is the Chief Executive Officer of Brandhaus Limited, a strategic communication management firm and Training Coordinator at Front Foot Media Initiative. He was CEO of Blueflower Limited. He is an Adjunct in the School of Media & Communication, PanAtlantic University, was Visiting Member of the Editorial Board of BusinessDay newspaper and writes the authoritative The Public Sphere column in and across platforms.

He had been Managing Director of Taijo Wonukabe Limited; Export/Institutional Sales as well as the Media Relations Manager at Cadbury Nigeria Plc. He was also General Editor of BUSINESS magazine and regional correspondent (PH), covering the South-South and South East, for the defunct ThisWeek magazine. he was the President of the Public Relations Consultants Association of Nigeria (PRCAN) (2012-2014), among other positions. A respected voice in Nigeria’s communication circles, Chido is the President of the International Association of Business Communicators, Nigeria.


Today is Chido’s birthday, April 19, 2023, and we can only thank God for things he has done with him, through him and by him. No reward is enough for this our beloved Chido for his ceaseless exploits in the communications world. We REALLY APPRECIATE you and the Lord God shall see you through the inevitable stormy waters of life. You shall live long in great health and strength. You shall fulfil your destiny in the land of the living! Amen!

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