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Patrice Motsepe, South African billionaire, continues to face financial setbacks as his net worth takes yet another hit this year. With a substantial $100 million decline, his total wealth loss reaches an astounding $900 million.

According to the US business magazine, Forbes, which closely monitors the wealth of ultra-high-net-worth individuals across the globe, Patrice Motsepe’s net worth has experienced a significant decline. It started at $3.2 billion on January 1, his fortune has dwindled to $2.4 billion as of May 12.

The reduction of Patrice Motsepe’s wealth can be attributed to the persistent decline in the value of shares belonging to African Rainbow Minerals (ARM), a diversified mining group in which he maintains a substantial 39.7-percent ownership stake.

The significant downturn led to a substantial decline in the market value of his ARM holdings, which predominantly contributed to the majority of his recent financial losses.

Since the start of the year, the value of ARM shares has experienced a drastic decline, plunging by more than 23 percent. Starting at R288 ($14.82) on January 1, it has plummeted to R219.5 ($11.29) at present. As a result, the market capitalization of the mining group has fallen below the $2.5 billion mark. These challenges faced on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange have directly affected Patrice Motsepe’s net worth and overall financial standing.

In spite of this setback, Patrice Motsepe remains a prominent figure in the African business arena, consistently making notable progress. A recent development includes one of his privately held companies, TymeBank, a South African digital bank, unveiling its intentions to expand into the Vietnamese market in the coming year. This strategic move demonstrates Motsepe’s ongoing entrepreneurial ambitions and global business outlook.

Building upon a triumphant pre-series C funding round, TymeBank has secured an impressive amount of nearly $78 million to support its regional expansion endeavors.

With a customer base exceeding 6.2 million and an expanding presence in South Africa and the Philippines, TymeBank sees Vietnam as a promising market that aligns well with its innovative business model.


The bank’s impressive growth can be attributed, in part, to its partnership with African Rainbow Capital (ARC) Financial Services Holding. ARC, a Black-owned company under the umbrella of Ubuntu-Botho Investments (UBI), founded by Patrice Motsepe, has played a vital role in TymeBank’s success.

A significant factor contributing to the bank’s remarkable growth can be attributed to its partnership with African Rainbow Capital (ARC) Financial Services Holding. ARC, a Black-owned company operating under the Ubuntu-Botho Investments (UBI) umbrella founded by Patrice Motsepe, has played a pivotal role in fostering the success of TymeBank.

Furthermore, TymeBank recently acquired Retail Capital, a prominent fintech lender catering to small and medium-sized enterprises. This acquisition aligns with the bank’s expansion strategy and positions them for further growth in the financial services sector.

In addition, TymeBank recently acquired Retail Capital, a well-established fintech lender specializing in serving small and medium-sized enterprises. This strategic acquisition aligns perfectly with the bank’s expansion strategy and bolsters its position for continued growth within the financial services sector.

Despite the significant losses experienced in Patrice Motsepe’s net worth, his unwavering entrepreneurial spirit and active involvement in successful ventures like TymeBank serve to reinforce his standing as a prominent figure in the African business landscape.

Motsepe’s resilience and track record of accomplishments demonstrate his enduring influence and contributions to the region’s business ecosystem.


Credit: Business Elites Africa

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