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Science might be good after all as Nigerian man, Kunle Adeyanju who embarked on a “charity ride” from London to Lagos, reveals he is still in Morocco on the third day after entering the country.

The entrepreneur cum author embarked on the journey on April 19 and on April 25, he shared a picture of himself in Casablanca, Morocco, alongside a short caption that reads: “I am in Africa!!!”

On April 28, Adeyanju on his Twitter page posted a picture of himself in Agadir – El Ouatia Morocco.

A Twitter follower thanked God for science/airplane, while others admired his spirit

Read some reactions below:

@jeromewhetode: “Mehn….Aeroplane just made traveling easy. Imagine from UK to 9ja under 6hours, power bike has spent 10days by road and still at Morroco. Thank God for improved technology for Air Transportation.”


@chart_builders: “Even power bike na still science ooo

“Imagine say na horse or donkey or even say na leg…. brotherly, e for never pass Spain by now”


@AASamuel321: “3 days still in Morocco.”

@crazyjohnbull: “When he announced he has entered Africa you probably thought he was near Nigeria. Africa is big. Morocco is in North Africa. He would be closer when he enter West Africa.


“I can feel the rotary spirit.”

@Delejunaid: “If it’s possible to follow your 10,000 times, I would have done that. I really love your vibe.

“Your updates really makes the journey interesting, giving us the feeling of we are watching you via a drone shot.”

@Drken_emeka: “I respect u sir, ride on, Nigeria ur fatherland awaits u, Rotary is really a nice club to join, the care and friendly spirit is massive”



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