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Birthday signifies every man’s beginning and the joy of life just as God has given every man a chance to fulfill their own unique mission. A birthday is also an important and momentous occasion not to be understated. It is a time to celebrate, reflect and give thanks to God Almighty.

The above assertions fell in line with the views of Temidayo Shuaib as he celebrated his birthday in grand style on Sunday, May 22, 2022, at an Event Centre in Satellite Town, Lagos where a thanksgiving programme was held to appreciate God for His grace that enabled him (celebrant) to commemorate another fresh birthday in the 2022 calendar year.

Though he was born May 18, but Sunday was specifically set aside to host in-laws, friends, business associates, family members, neighbors, proteges, and well-wishers.

The auspicious event started 3 pm as scheduled and every guest was given the royalty treatment; as they were treated to the choicest of drinks and treated to a sumptuous meal that sufficiently wetted and sated palates.

The celebrant who was dressed in a black tuxedo suit later changed to a blue flowing agbada attire and was throughout the event accompanied by his beautiful wife, Tolani,  adorned with a stone-studded brown/pink gown.

Speaking at the event, after the cutting of the cake, the celebrant, a United States of America based father of two (Michael and Olivia) expressed gratitude to all the invited guests:

“It was an immense pleasure for my wife, Tolani, and I, that you joined our event and bestowed us by being our guests despite the traffic situation in Lagos and inclement weather. It was nice to host you at my birthday, I truly appreciate your kind words, prayers, and gifts, they are worth a lot to us.

“As you celebrate with me, God will reward you abundantly and grant you your heart desires. People like you are indeed a blessing and I truly appreciate you. God will grant us all sound health, long life, abundant blessings and grace.” Temidayo stated.


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