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Rant HQ is a very popular networking group on Facebook. One out of eight Facebook users in Nigeria either belongs to the Group or is aware of it. Such is the power and influence of this entertaining and educative platform created in 2017 by the amiable and beautiful Ilesha, Osun State-born Suzan Ade-Coker. Suzan Ade Coker is not a new name to many, especially those conversant with social media trends. She is a social media influencer, entrepreneur, and real estate developer.

 Suzan was born on the 31st of July 1975 to Christian Ministers in the Apostolic Church based in Lagos. She studied Local Government Administration at the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife before she moved to the United Kingdom in search of greener pastures. The mother of four was married but had to part ways with her estranged husband who she fondly describes glowingly. A fashion designer, Suzan gained media prominence when she launched the Rant HQ Facebook group on August 19, 2017, a platform she intended for a cruise before it snowballed into a fledgling brand.

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“It just happened”, she said. “One evening, I was bored and decided to kill boredom, and I felt let me create a community where I can interact with others on local movies as I was in the UK and I needed to know more about films in Nigeria. I then thought of a name, it was at first coined ‘Yoruba Pheems’ but I felt I wanted the community name to be more encompassing. I then thought, while not something people can freely express themselves, their unspoken thoughts and musings, and voila, the word ‘Rant’ came into cognizance, and that same night, the coinage ‘Rant HQ’ was birthed and here we are today, a duly registered brand”.

Rant HQ is the most interactive Nigerian group on Facebook with total engagements, interactions, and gestures that rose to 20,000,000 in 28 days. Rant HQ remains the mother of RANT HQ Extension, look-gooding by Rant HQ, Yoruba Gehs, Business by RANT HQ, Stories by Rant HQ, The spicy housewives of Facebook, and Rant HQ Politics among many others. Rant HQ has pages as well numbering from Rant HQ TV, Rant HQ Radio, Rant HQ media, and Rant HQ politics.

Suzan Ade Coker has also ventured into real estate development with the launching of Rant HQ Smart Estate which is currently providing land spaces for individuals in Abuja and Ibadan. The Rant HQ platform was primarily created for people to air their thoughts, experiences, and opinions freely for the fun of it the wider audience for closure has evolved into a brand whose functions are impartation-inclined. This is evident in the mentoring and charity programmes it has been involved in.

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The RantHQ PLC, a registered brand in the UK has over the years evolved from just ranting and venting to an established brand that has helped shape society in the areas of social responsibility, charity funding, artiste development, and networking among others. The platform also has consultants who offer career advice to job seekers, prospective entrepreneurs, small and medium-scale enterprises et al.

It is of note that RantHQ has used its platform to promote budding talents who have now become household names. The likes of Lasisi Elenu, DJKaywise, and Mama Ejiro are examples of those who used the platform to launch into stardom.

Brand Rant HQ has no doubt transformed into an organization that aligns with other civil society advocates and organizations on several campaigns in the promotion of global goals of human support and empathy. The various charity programmes of the brand, which include visits and support to orphanages, motherless babies’ homes, and those in the lower echelon of society have in no small measure contributed to the advancement of an egalitarian society. The brand remains focused on its strategic goals as it evolves to meet 21st-century social needs.


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