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Knowing if a man is lying about his intentions is essential in a relationship. Unfortunately, some men may lie about what they want in a relationship in order to hide their true intentions. Here are six signs to show a man is lying about what he wants.

Contacting you only at certain times

A man that only reaches out to you late at night or when bored, could be a sign that he’s not interested in a real relationship and indeed lying about his real intentions.

Avoiding important conversations

It is possible that a man is not committed to making a relationship work if he is hesitant to have unpleasant talks regarding the relationship. Any problems that may arise in the relationship will be something that a man who is serious about you wants to work through.

Not ready to compromise


If a man is hesitant to make any adjustments to the relationship in order to fulfill your requirements or fulfill your desires, this may be an indication that he is not interested in attempting to make it work.

Not interested in your life


If a man isn’t interested in getting to know you better on a deeper level by inquiring about your interests, objectives, and hobbies, it’s a clue that he could not be involved in a meaningful relationship with you at this time.

Always busy


When a man is always making excuses for why he can’t see you, it may be an indication that he isn’t interested in making time for a relationship and thus doesn’t want to commit to one and could be lying.

Inconsistent words and actions

One of the giant red flags or signs a man is lying about his intentions is if his words and actions don’t match up. 

Keeps you separate from them, it could be a sign that he’s not taking the relationship seriously and this may even be lying at the beginning of a relationship.


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