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We all yawn. We open our mouths to receive some air into our lungs and breathe it out. There are also times we yawn just by looking at someone who is yawning. Yawning is a way of taking a deep breath.

Although, there is nothing wrong with yawning once in a while. But, according to an article by Amber Erickson Gabbey on Healthline, yawning constantly is a result of some underlying health conditions you need to know about.

Here are some health conditions that make people yawn constantly.

  1. Dehydration
    One of the conditions that make people yawn constantly is dehydration. Dehydration is when your body needs water. Constantly yawning could be your body’s way of telling you that you need to drink some water.
  2. Heart or liver problem
    Another reason people yawn constantly is when there is an upcoming heart or liver problem. People with an upcoming heart or liver problem yawn all the time to relieve themselves of shortness of breath or chest pain. Excessive yawning may indicate a heart attack or bleeding around the heart.
  3. Nervous system disorder
    A person can yawn constantly when he or she has a neurological or central nervous system disorder, making the person lose consciousness.
  4. Fatigue
    Anytime you feel sleepy and there’s no chance to take a nap, you keep yawning. Constantly yawning is also a sign of sleep deprivation, which has caused fatigue in your body. Yawning constantly could mean you need to get some rest. This happens to those who work at night.
  5. Drugs
    Certain drugs can make you yawn constantly. Drowsiness or fatigue is one of the common side effects of over-the-counter drugs. These drugs are anti-anxiety drugs or antidepressant drugs. Yawning is a side effect you experience when taking these drugs.
  6. Stress

Constant yawning can also be a sign that you’ve stressed your body beyond its limit. When yawning constantly, your body is trying to tell you that you need to avoid things that can stress your mind and nerves.

If you find yourself yawning constantly, find out the exact thing that you need and do, or better still, see your doctor to find out what would be causing it.



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