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These are very strange times indeed. There has never been a time in the history of our state that propaganda has been so unrelentingly unleashed and manipulated to suit the narrative of the opposition and certain disgruntled elements among us.
It is disheartening watching our great party the PDP going though these pangs of pains from arrows thrown by those who should protect it but I can assure you all, the situation is under control and the traitors will soon travel the road of shame and their perfidious dance of shame will be brought to an abrupt end soon.

I am very confident that the people know the truth and are both swayed by the pedestrian propaganda being spread by hired hirelings of those who would rather burn the house down rather than build it.

Our honourable governor, His Excellency, Governor Seyi Makinde, has been target for these enemies of progress but he is unperturbed and will continue to deliver the dividends of democracy to his people.

Enemies of progress will disregard every good work of an individual and unearth falsehood just to discredit that person…no wonder the English man said: “Give a Dog a Bad Name to Hang it” but unfortunately for these detractors, their evil plans have been exposed and every son and daughter of Oyo can see through them.

Insecurity across Nigeria is not unique to Oyo State.
His Excellency, Engr Makinde has not rested on his oars since taking office, placing high priority on the security of life and property of the people.

It is on record that he initiated and championed the formation of the South West Security network, Amotekun. It is also on record that he was the first governor to launch the outfit into action. We have it recorded also that Engr Makinde may be the only governor actually spending the monthly security vote allocation not just on boosting the security of the state but also assisting the Nigerian Police Force through provision of vehicles and other equipments. It is a fact that His Excellency has consciously and consistently liaised with the Police in countless meetings and strategic sessions.


Nobody has said anyone should not in his private capacity, protect his people but it must be done within the ambits of the laws of the land.

When a solo warrior declares war without regards to constituted authority, when a sole voice acts in a manner that is contrary to the law, if we allow that, we are not only undermining the legal authority whom we entrusted our votes to but we are calling for chaos and anarchy.
Engr Makinde did not err when he refused to allow a misguided insurrection in his state.


The truth remains custodians of our heritage, students of history and men of good conscience knowing the end result of the disruption if not checked, have spoken out and advised caution, just as Makinde has ensured that our state is not thrown into confusion of which we cannot see the end or imagine the consequences.

It is regrettable that some agents of destabilisation are taking advantage on the situation to spread all manner of fake news against His Excellency, Engr Seyi Makinde.
I don’t know who among us will and sit askance and allow his house to burn down.


Already, we have seen the gains of Amotekun in flushing out marauders and the criminals among the Fulani Herdsmen.
That is the result of strategic planning. The old ways did not wholly deliver us from enemies in the past, is it not time to examine them properly and apply modern techniques? A General who is quick to war is quick to fail.

Now that everywhere is getting back to normal, thanks to the efforts of Seyi Makinde, a man who believes in planning and a goal getter, his detractors are only digging their own grave by attacking a good man who means well for his people.

Ayo Fayose who has been in the forefront of the dissidents in our party and his cohorts were the first to shout on top of the roof that Seyi Makinde must be warned, saying that nothing must happen to Sunday Igboho. I must ask why Fayose must all the time, meddle in the affairs of Oyo State. When has an Ekiti man become a Sunday Igboho’s spokesperson?

With all the challenges being faced across the nation, it would seem that it is time for Vultures to feast. Detractors of government have placed dishonourable people everywhere on social media to harass, harangue, attack the good policies and goodwill of the governor. They have banded themselves like evil men in a Nollywood movie, spreading lies and planting unfounded rumours against Seyi Makinde.


That he exited one of such platforms penetrated by hounds whose only aim was to punch holes in everything he said, is a very commendable act. A man may be level headed but every man knows when to distant himself from paid Blackmailers.
They started barking that Makinde exited the PDP platform, which leaders had actually decided should be re-arranged. The next line of absurd rumour to be spread was that His Excellency, Engr Seyi Makinde is planning to leave the PDP, a party which he has spent time and resources nurturing.

These set of unprogressive people went to the market to roll out their lies that Makinde was planning to exit the PDP to African Democratic Party, ADC.
How much lower can these people go?
Do they think Engr Makinde, a man of proven integrity is a turncoat like them?
This bizarre macabre dance will stop soon when the unconquerable South West will prove unstoppable. The enemies within will be forced to expose themselves. When the phantom is unmasked, mark my words, you will see them trooping to the APC, where their present paymaster who has failed even before he began, awaits them.
The South West PDP will keep waxing strong and come 2023, the people will vote again for Engr Seyi Makinde not because of words but because of action.


Dare Adeleke
Chairman, Oyo Pacesetters Company.

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