You are currently viewing Second Niger Bridge vandalised barely two months after being opened for vehicular movement
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Some road fittings installed on the newly inaugurated Second Niger bridge have been stolen by vandals.

A source in the Ministry of Works confirmed this development on Wednesday, July 12, 2023.

The source said that the expansion joint walkway on axis 330 of the bridge had been stolen. This newspaper learnt that this is a critical part of the bridge that helps to absorb expansion and contraction caused by changes in temperature.

The theft of road fittings could pose a safety hazard to motorists. The damaged part can cause discomfort to motorists and could even lead to accidents.

The source said, “Unfortunately, It’s true. The stolen fitting is an element from the expansion joints of the bridge. Drivers on that road have to be careful as the damaged part can cause discomfort to motorists.”


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