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US-based Nigerian lawyer and award-winning author, Reno Omokri has counseled women on why they should keep their pregnancies secret till after childbirth.Pregnancies should be secret - Reno Omokri

According to him, it is easier to deal with a private tragedy than having to deal with a very public one.

“My wife recently had a beautiful baby. We did not post even one baby bump photo. Only my wife and I knew she was pregnant. When I say ONLY, I mean ONLY. The lockdown helped us keep it secret, but also, we were disciplined with our mouth.

“There is more likelihood of pressure when the public know you are expecting. And pressure can end your treasure, though not always. But, why take the chance?

“Even if you keep pregnancy private tragedy can happen, though God forbid. However, it is easier to deal with private tragedy than with a very public one”, he wrote.

It should be recalled that the popular author recently welcomed a newborn baby girl who he named after ex-President Goodluck “Ebele” Jonathan.


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