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The Senator representing Lagos Central in the National Assembly, Oluremi Tinubu, has berated her colleague from Kogi West, Smart Adeyemi, over hi’s comments on Nigeria’s security challenges.

Tinubu tackled Adeyemi while the latter was contributing to a motion raised by Niger East Senator, Sani Musa, that Boko Haram has hoisted its flag in a Shiroro Local Government Area of the state.

Adeyemi said it is time to put away politics and call out President Muhammadu Buhari over the growing cases of insecurity in Nigeria.

The lawmaker said the country is facing the worst instability since the civil war, adding that the security system has collapsed and innocent citizens are the receiving end.

In an emotion-laden contribution to the motion, Adeyemi wept openly over sustained devastation and wreck by terrorists across the nation.

He said: “Mr President, insecurity is a serious problem today in Nigeria and there come a time where we can do nothing, but to speak the truth irrespective of sentiment.

“Today Mr. President, all of us are being threatened. A lot has been said this morning Mr. President and I want to thank you for giving us time to speak expressly on this issue.”


But Tinubu interrupted him, asking: “Are you in Peoples Democratic Party? Are you a wolf in sheep’s clothing?”

Adeyemi, however, ignored her comments and continued: “There come a time when the talk will talk itself. There comes a time when truth becomes a torchlight.


“We need not run away from the fact that more than ever before in the history of our nation, this is the worst instability so far and because of insecurity in our nation, today there are of lot misgivings; there are a lot lot of misinterpretation.

“Some persons believe it is the government that is supporting terrorists; some people believe some persons sponsored those who are destabilising our nation. We are not pretending we are capable of confronting the situation in our hands.


“America as powerful as they are, when the pandemic came through China they woke up to their responsibilities. We shouldn’t pretend that we needed foreign support.”

Adeyemi insisted that government should seek foreign intervention before the nation is doomed, adding that Nigeria should forget about its pride and seek foreign aid.

“Let nobody deceive us Mr. President. A lot of millions of naira has been put into security services nothing is coming out of it. We wouldn’t wait until our nation got burnt. Let us get up and call for foreign support. I am APC and I have been supporting our party, but let the President know that we who support APC could no longer keep quiet.

“The President must rise to the occasion. The nation is on fire; the President must rise to the occasion. It cost us nothing to get foreign support. We must rise to the occasion of speaking the truth to save this country or else we will be consumed.


“Everyone of us has a chapter of history. When the history of this period is told, whatever is our position will be a chapter.

“We cannot keep quiet any longer. It has gotten to a level that we can no longer sleep with our eyes closed. Our children are not free. The President must rise to the occasion.


“The situation is our security system has collapsed; it has failed, because it has failed, we need foreign support, it cost Nigeria nothing. Forget the ego, forget Nigeria in the African nation.”

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