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PVC registration now 11m after the release of latest CVR figures

Completed Registration for Permanent Voter Cards (PVCs) since June last year has notched up to 11,011,119 with Lagos back up on top of states in completed new registrations update by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

Last week, Lagos on 451,156 slipped to second place behind Kano on 458,559 in the Continuous Voter Registration (CVR) but the latest infographics released by INEC show Lagos back on top in weekly completed registrations.

INEC said as of 7 am on 25 July the top three states with new completed registrations are:

Lagos – 508,936

Kano – 500,207


Delta – 481,929




New registrations over 10.48m


Total new registrations totalled 10,487,972 out of which 8,631,696 registrants completed their registrations, according to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

INEC disclosed that 3,250,449 of the registrants completed the process online and 5,381,247 through physical registration.

They comprised 4,292,690 males, 4,339,006 females, 6,081,456 youths, and 67,171 People Living With Disabilities (PWDs).

INEC received a total of 23,560,043 applications, including those for voter transfer, requests for replacement of PVC, and update of voter information records.


Males comprised 12,317,963 in this category, females 11,242,080 and PWDs 187,904.

Registration by June 2022


Lagos at the end of June retained its lead over Kano by 1.10 million to reach 6.94 million total registrations. Kano had 5,838,329 and Kaduna 4,239,441 in the top three.

INEC said there were 10.48 million new registrations and 8.63 million completed as of 27 June.

Lennox Mall

That meant about nine million new eligible voters had been added to the voter database which was 84 million in 2019.

Growing civic duty awareness among youths drove the surge for PVCs as those aged 18-30 accounted for six million or 70 per cent out of total 8.6 million registrations.


Youths also topped the demographics with 6,081,456 registrations as of 25 July.

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