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The National Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has said God can give power to anyone he wishes to give.

Tinubu said this in Lagos on Sunday, as he reunited with his political associates and proteges at a welcome-back event and prayer, hosted by Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu.

The event was Tinubu’s first outing since his return from the U.K. on Friday night, after a three-month absence from the country.

The APC National Leader, who is reportedly nursing a presidential ambition in 2023, said that what God expects from anyone He gives power to is that such a person uses the power for humanity.

He said that the prayer event was an emotional one for him, being overwhelmed by good wishes from Nigerians while he was away. According to him, “all prayers showered on him are taken as valuable compliments”.

”I am a little emotional now but I am happy. God is the giver of life and the only one who can take life. ”And He (God) says if I grant you power and the privilege in this life; I am the only one who can take it from you if you don’t use it in the way and manner that promotes humanity.


”It is the same God that has spared us till today and has given us the privilege, that I give glory to because I am standing before you hale, hearty and well.

”Today is a day of joy for me, having fixed today for this great event. We are here giving praises to God. May God bless all of you in attendance. I am grateful. I cannot say more than that today. Thank you all,” he said.


Mr Sanwo-Olu said Mr Tinubu’s return was more than cheery news for his supporters across the country, noting that the APC leader had been rejuvenated with renewed vigour “for his next political move.”

He said that there were countless reasons to be grateful to God “for bringing Asiwaju back home, fully rejuvenated”.


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