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Renowned cleric and the presiding bishop of Christ Vessels of Grace Church Inc, Bishop Kayode Williams has sent a word of caution to fellow clergymen, stressing that those threatening to instigate a breakup of the country over the outcome of the 2023 general elections should stop fanning the embers of war in the public interest.
The cleric who spoke against the backdrop of the rising attacks by so-called men of God on the person of the president-elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, said those portraying ill-feeling and bitterness against Tinubu are simply playing God, hence should desist from it.

“It’s rather sad that supposed men of God have been hitting up the polity ever since the 2023 general elections were concluded. Many of them have assumed the position of God cursing, swearing, and proclaiming doom for the country. My question is this, why are they playing God? A winner has emerged from the election already. Yes, they don’t like the choice of the president-elect. No problem. But is it enough to rain curses on the country and its people? No. Why not allow the court to decide the fate of all the contenders?”

Bishop Kayode, who also doubles as the National Coordinator, the Integrity Ministers International Ministry Incorporated (IMIM) declared that the erring clerics should be ready to face God’s wrath for the creating tension capable of leading to bloodletting.

“God said that He will discipline some of them because He doesn’t want them to die now so that they will see the glory of God in Nigeria, a new Nigeria. He said that He will punish them for misleading the people, for saying God said what when God has not spoken.

“You need to listen to what some people are saying that they will burn Nigeria. Majority of them have become demonic. God said that I should go and warn them that any man of God that said that there will be confusion on that day May 29. He said that I should tell them that He will put confusion in their midst.

God said that there will be no bloodshed. God said that Nigeria will be congratulated worldwide. God will use Tinubu to turn around Nigeria’s fortunes for good.”


While reiterating that the May 29th inauguration will be heavenly celebrated, the cleric said the Tinubu’s programme encapsulated under the name ‘Renewed Hope’ is indeed a divinely inspired message, noting that God has a hand on it.

“Within four days of his inauguration, Tinubu will come out with people who will show that it is a government of integrity, and they will work well to improve the economy of the country. God Has said He will give him (Tinubu) the energy to pick the right people to join him to do the work. He will touch so many areas that will rebuild the nation and put it in the spotlight.”


Source: The Nation

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