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The newly-chosen Soun of Ogbomoso, Pastor Afolabi Gandhi Olaoye, has argued that pastors and kings perform basically the same roles in different environments.

A pastor, he said, is a shepherd much like a king who looks after varied interests in a larger community.

The Senior Pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) Jesus House Washington DC Parish, spoke in a video posted by the church on social media.

He said: “We as pastors are shepherds in a local congregation. A king is a shepherd of a city. The major difference is that the people they are shepherding are different. “As a shepherd, all your sheep, whether they are black or white, you show all of them love. You take all of them to the green pasture.

“The great shepherd who is our Lord Jesus Christ has shown us that God so loved the world that he died for everybody. So God died for you whether you are atheist, Muslim, or Christian. That is the way I will explain what it is.

“The difference is the name we give them. We as pastors always think about our local church. God says I will give you leaders who will lead you according to my principles. The only principles I have learned in my adult life are the principles of Christ.”


He also narrated how he was overwhelmingly embarrassed at a function in Lagos by people after news of his emergence broke.

According to him: “I was in Lagos at a function and everybody was saying Kabiyeesi and all of those things.


“Apparently I did not know that the news had spread around. I am not on social media. The only social media I use is Whatsapp. if it does not come to me on Whatsapp, I would not know. So I was embarrassed. I was thinking why is everybody saying this. They were taking pictures with me. ”

He said he had to immediately leave Lagos and get back to Church to explain the whole scenario.


He said he was embarrassed by the impact of what he saw.

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