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1st June, 2023

The Odole of Ile – ife
Sir Adebutu Kessington
C/o KAF Building
Ogun state.

Dear Odole Sir,


I write this letter to you in all humility sir.
Since I was young, I have been hearing about your name, Sir Kessington Adebutu all over the place. You are a well-known philanthropist and your humanitarian gestures dot the land in Ogun state.

As a member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), I have had cause to review your support for our party, your preferred son, Hon. Ladi Adebutu, and your passionate, long-standing ambition to become the “Father of the Governor ” of Ogun state.

First, it was one of our leaders, Otunba Segun Sowunmi, who said sometime ago in one of his numerous interviews, that Hon. Ladi Adebutu is the most unqualified of your children to aspire for the office of governor of Ogun state. Otunba Sowunmi had wondered why out of all your industrious and successful children, it was “Lado” known for all his idiosyncrasies that you were supporting and financing to contest for the governorship.

Of course, I didn’t take Otunba Sowunmi serious because of my love for our party and I knew your interest, though I have never collected a dime from you before.


However, after the last governorship election and the emerging facts, the question of Otunba Sowunmi came to my mind again.
There are also other questions that I am asking myself sir: Is it true that Lado has 77 bank accounts? Is it true that over 200,000 verve ATM cards were made and delivered to LADO just before the last governorship election? Is It true that LADO fled the country to evade arrest by the Police?

Sir, these are the questions that have occupied my mind in the last two weeks. The biggest of these questions is this: Sir, you have several companies locally and internationally, you have a foundation too. Why have you not allowed LADO to handle or manage any of your businesses? Why have you not allowed LADO to get near management of your foundation? Why was the family’s company involved in agriculture, which was initially handed over to LADO, taken away from him?

Sir, it is very ironical that your son that you will not allow to manage your company is the one you want to govern a sophisticated state like Ogun.

Sir, why do you hate Ogun state so much?

Israel Jolaosho
Ward 3, Remo North LG

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