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Nollywood actress Omoni Oboli’s mother-in-law has died at the age of 75, Igbere TV reports.

Omoni shared a picture of her Mrs Oboli in an Instagram post on Monday.

She said,

“Our Matriarch Mrs Oboli. We will miss you no words.”

Nnamdi Oboli, Omoni’s husband shared a picture of his mum on Instagram.

“Saddest day ever!!! My dear mum has passed on. I can’t imagine a moment without her being around, with her strong, vibrant and ever concerned self.

“She is the mum like no other, a matriarch of the Oboli family that stood as a dividing wall between the world and us as she was like a mother hen with her chicks,” he wrote.

Igbere TV recall that Nnamdi had celebrated his mum on the occasion of her 75th birthday in October 2020.

He shared her picture saying, “happy 75th birthday to my dear mum!!! Words fail me to speak of the impact you have had on us your children and grandchildren.


“I pray the blessings of the lord upon you this day, and that it would full the rest of your days and give you peace in Jesus name.”

Omoni and Nnamdi got married in October 2000.


Their marriage is blessed with three male children.

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