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Olu Akanmu, the co-CEO, and president of Opay, a financial technology company in Nigeria, has announced the conclusion of his chapter at Opay and is now embarking on new endeavours.

In November 2021, he assumed the role of President at OPay-Nigeria. During his tenure, Opay experienced remarkable growth amidst Nigeria’s cash crunch, owing to its effective distribution strategies and robust infrastructure. As of April this year, the company boasted an impressive milestone of 30 million registered users.

However, Akanmu has decided to move on to new challenges and opportunities beyond his role at Opay.

In a series of tweets, he said, “MOVING ON: End of a Chapter. Moving on to New Ones: My Gratitude to all my colleagues at #Opay for the good work we did together in deepening #financialinclusion in #Nigeria, ensuring that fewer and less number of our people are left behind in partaking out of the opportunities of the #digital financial system.”

“Many thanks also to all our #ecosystem partners and enablers who complimented us, without which we would not have been able to deliver on the lofty mission of OPay which is to “deepen financial inclusion through technology.”

‘Yet there is still so much to be done collectively by us as all to ensure that no one is left behind by the modern digital financial system. The lesson of the cashless or limited Cash period earlier in the year is that millions are not yet included despite the progress we have made collectively as an #ecosystem.”


“For the Nigeria #Fintech community, the imperative of ensuring that we serve not only the banked and underserved, but also the completely excluded which still represents at least 45% of our people should be our collective and greater patriotic mission, complementing the historic efforts of traditional players.”

“Collaborations, public-private partnerships, and more deliberate coordination at the digital public infrastructure (#dpi) ecosystem layers, would be critical to ensure we succeed in doing the next heavy lifting to extend the digital financial rail to the next 20 million.”


“The good work of a more inclusive #society where everyone can fulfil their God-given potential and prosperity becomes more widely shared continues,” he said.



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