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Our attention has been drawn to a social media outburst of one Olagoroye Faleyimu, who claimed to be a General Overseer of an unknown Church in Badagry, Lagos State, where he was said to have revealed those behind the illness of the Ondo State Governor, Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu SAN, CON, an Owo Indigene.

In the said release, Faleyimu scandalously mentioned Owo people using witchcraft to torment Gov. Akeredolu with life threatening illness, because he created Amotekun Corps and forced an Oba on them.

Since the said release of the so called revelation, we have been inundated with several calls and messages concerning the orchestrated ‘spiritual vision’.

In fact, we have chosen to ignore this wicked and fabricated outburst from the already cursed prophet, but, it appeared that, keeping silent would continue to affirm that, all his previous fake messages on tapes concerning Owo kingdom over the years and the current one could be translated to be true, hence this clarification.

Olagoroye Faleyimu, over the years, has been known for his cantankerous positions on the affairs of Owo Kingdom and even beyond, all in the name of ‘what he saw or heard from his god’. The latest release from Faleyimu should therefore not be a surprise to the public, especially the esteemed people of Owo kingdom.

He is just out to seek patronage and eke out a living from undiscerning minds.


We are however concerned about the damage people like Falayimu could do to people and society in the name of self-styled spiritual calling and prophecies of doom.

It is pertinent to point it out that, before now, every time the unmitigated outbursts of Faleyimu were brought to the notice of His Imperial Majesty, Olowo of Owo, his countenance had always been that, he should be ignored and that the Palace should not be seen joining issue with a valueless and incomprehensible charlatan like Olagoroye, even when he claimed that His Imperial Majesty would not last seven years on the throne!


It would be recalled that, the ascension of His Imperial Majesty, Oba (Dr) Ajibade Gbadegesin Ogunoye III to the throne of his fore fathers as Olowo, was adjudged to be the most peaceful, generally acceptable and cherished in the history of this great kingdom.

Pointedly, the coming of Kabiyesi has been a welcome development in the history of Owo in particular, Ondo State and Nigeria in general.


The issue of his being chosen and eventually forced on the people as claimed in Faleyimu’s purported release, is not only wicked, it is mischievous and without foundation.

The people of Owo and by extension Nigeria, are yet to see when this shameless Faleyimu would revert to Ifa worship as promised, as his prediction concerning President Bola Ahmed Tinubu not becoming president of this country did not come to pass. This is enough for people to consign ‘the prophet’ to the dustbin.

It is wicked and disheartening to point accusing fingers to the people of Owo as being responsible for our son’s illness, that is, Arakunrin Odunayo Oluwarotimi AKeredolu, SAN, CON, who is the first citizen of Ondo State. Arakunrin is our pride in whom we are all pleased. We cherish him and we are continuously in prayers for his quick recovery.

Therefore, we are using this medium to appeal to our people to ignore this fake prophet, just as we condemn in its entirety, the said outburst, as it is satanic, mischievous and calculated attempt to paint the people of the kingdom in unfitting colours.


Sincerely, Faleyimu is a scam and indeed, very toxic. The public must therefore, be wary of misleading characters like Faleyimu who are out to cause disharmony and disaffection in society.

Sam Adewale,
SA Media To His Imperial Majesty,
Olowo of Owo, and Paramount Ruler of Owo Land.


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