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Olokpo, a revolutionary catering service app that will seamlessly connect customers with food vendors and caterers within their locations across the country has been launched in Lagos.

Speaking at the launch, COO, Faiken Dawn Group, Jennifer Onose Eromosele, said the app, which has 100 per cent local content, was developed to address the challenges people face in getting catering service when they are in need of it.

Coined from an indigenous name in Nigeria, Olokpo, which means ‘People that cook good food’ was designed to revolutionise catering service within the neighbourhood.  The app offers innovative features such as easy connectivity, trust, quality food, as well as seamless payment and booking methods.

According to Eromosele, the app will be launched across African countries, beginning from Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana.

The campaign to onboard caterers on the platform will run from November 20th to December 20th, and Mercy Johnson and other social media influencers have been contracted to drive the campaign.

Addressing the issue of verification of professional and trustworthy caterers who will operate on the Olokpo platform, Eromosele said caterers have to undergo several stages of verification, which include facial recognition, email address, full names, phone number that is linked to BVN and location, among others.


“Verification is key for all caterers on the platform because we need trusted people who will deliver on promise. But in the case of breach of contract, a dispute resolution platform has been created and managed by our legal team, to address any dispute that may arise from payment and delivery. If any caterer is found to be dishonest, such caterer will be delisted from the platform,” Eromosele said.

The app will surmount the persistent challenge of finding skilled caterers within close vicinities, as it is designed to connect users with caterers nearest to them, using a map-based interface.



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