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Supporters of the Presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP), Peter Obi, have tackled entertainer and activist Charles Oputa aka Charly Boy for claiming to have ‘locked down’ a march held in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

Pro-Obi/Datti supporters staged a rally at Unity Fountain, Abuja on Saturday from where they moved in procession to other parts of Central Area in the nation’s capital city.

At the rally, Charly Boy appeared with bodyguards who led him to join the supporters at the rally.

Expressing his joy over the success of the rally, Charly Boy tweeted: “How Charlyboy locked down Abuja for 5hrs.

“My whole body dey pain me. I was sweating like xmas goat today, at one point out of the excitement of fans, dey tore my trousers and shirt, I was der with my bodyguards (15) but as soon as dey noticed dat we were overwhelmed with the kind of excitement I have never seen in my life, they bundled me into a car and we took off. My eyes see smtin today, sotey sotey my guards never wanted me to return.

“This is a political revolution. I never begin tell the story, e choke today. What baffled me today is the fact dat with the magnitude of the millions dat came out today, I am yet to hear of any incident. The most peaceful. Abuja Youths I salute una. It must be well with una aswear.”


But his tweet elicited a flurry of reactions from supporters of Obi especially those who participated in the Abuja march.

Many registered their strong disapproval over Charly Boy’s post accusing him of trying to hijack the Abuja rally and taking glory for it.


Chidiebere Nwobodo said: “Oga, so you wanted to hijack our rally and take the credit abi? Please kindly rephrase this statement or you will be tagged opportunist. This is a movement of the people, not even Peter Obi can take credit for it.”

Another user, @FAGalileo said: “You still had to centre yourself. We respect you being part of this, but you didn’t “locked down Abuja”. Nigerians did. This movement is decentralised please.”


@neneaboh said: “Please can you rephrase your statement. It was Obedients that locked down Abuja not you. Don’t usurp glory that isn’t yours. If it’s only you, You can’t pull this crowd.”

@ChudeMedia tweeted: “How Charlyboy locked down Abuja for 5hrs.” Wtf??? Bros abeg! Abeg! Abehg!!

@iam_damayor argued that: “We are glad you came out sir, but no be you shut down Abuja. Even Peter Obi won’t say such.”

@sosaczn tweeted: “Obidients locked down Abuja for hours. Charly Boy didn’t do shit but walk around with bouncers. Dear Charly Boy, the Peter Obi movement is not one of those movements that you will hijack and go and collect money behind close doors to sabotage. Dey ur dey, make Naija youth dey.”


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