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I read on some platforms that the Lagos vote that sent jitters through the spines of the hitherto invincible godfather and his minions had exposed the deep division between Yoruba and Igbo. I totally disagree.

To say so is to insinuate that only the Igbo votes did the magic; or haven’t Igbo been voting in Lagos since whenever?

Again, it isn’t a protest vote against Tinubu’s Muslim-Muslim ticket because, in Yorubaland, even nuclear families sometimes feature Muslims and Christians and non-believers. So, that’s no issue at all.

While I agree that it was a protest vote, Lagos’ issue is by far bigger than ethnic or religious divide, whether between Yoruba and Igbo, or between Christians and Muslims.

In fact, it is absolutely incorrect to insinuate ethnic divide between Igbo and Yoruba, considering the sometimes bloody clashes between the Hausa and the Yoruba in the state.

Rather, the senseless, multiple taxes that Lagos businessmen and women, especially market men and women, are subjected to; the agbero and omo onile syndrome that daily calls the integrity of Lagos government to question; the Lagos cult groups that have made many grassroot parts of the state a recoiling horror; and the crass insensitivity of the APC government to the plight of the Lagosians that brought it to power are some of the major reasons why Lagos voters did what they did.


If you don’t live in Lagos where ajagungbales and motor park touts call the shot from the state capital to the council levels, you won’t understand why those votes became unapologetically imperative.

If Governor Sanwo-Olu survives the election, he should learn from the reality and clip the wings of MC Oluomo and other miscreants that have made Lagos an insanely lawless state.


And the Iyaloja General, who has become a law to herself, needs to be tamed, too.

Here is a position with extremely questionable relevance in modern governance apart from its deliberate and systematic positioning to fleece the hardworking Lagos market men and women as the state government looks on in unpretentious helplessness; yet, the woman towers above the law.


If this presidential election had any significance at all [and it sure does!], it is a dire warning to those self-serving politicians in Lagos and every other part of the country, but in Lagos especially, that they don’t have it all.

The future doesn’t look so good for godfather politics aided by malicious set of humans called agbero and omo onile and their area mother, a.k.a Iyaloja General.

Whoever gets elected as Lagos Governor in March should stand up to be counted as part of positive history by facing up to the jegudu jeras who have turned Lagos into a nightmare for law-abiding citizens and residents.

It is obviously Lagos’ own Epiphany, a.k.a #OToGee. If in doubt, ask Bukola Saraki.


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