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The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has told Christians not to be deceived by those manipulating the bible to suit their political agenda ahead of Saturday’s Presidential and National Assembly Elections.

The Chairman of CAN in Kaduna State, Rev. John Joseph Hayab stated this while addressing the conference of Baptist Women fellowship in Southern Kaduna. 

He emphasised the need for Christians to be careful of politicians who have masterminded the act of manipulating the holy bible to suit their interests.

According to him: “Our votes must be massive, nobody should lie to the Christians that there is one political party and that if we don’t vote them we will not go to heaven; there is nowhere in the bible that says so, nobody should distort our theology just because they want a political office. 

“I call on all Christians to vote with conviction, nobody should deceive us that there is a political party for Christians, we should not accept lies, that is not biblical. Who even told them their candidate is a Christian.

“Those saying that Christians should vote for Christian candidates of a political party because they have Christian names are not following the true teachings of the bible.


“Nobody should manipulate the bible because he wants the votes of Christians, let us vote for those who are competent not based on ethnicity and religion.”

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