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The Nigerian National Petroleum Company Ltd (NNPC) has assured Nigerians of the availability of cleaner fuel in the depot.

There have been reports of fuel scarcity in some parts of the country, as it was discovered by the Federal Government, that a marketer supplied petrol with methanol qualities.

Immediately the discovery was made, the NNPC quickly stopped oil marketers from distributing the petrol.

In achieving this, the NNPC made sure that all the cargoes that were suspected to have methanol were quarantined.

Similarly, those cargoes that have been discharged were also quarantined, while all the trucks that have left the depots were tracked and intercepted.

The NNPC has also restocked the depot with more cleaner fuels and has also sent officials to inspect all the filling stations to ensure that do not have the petrol that have excessive methanol.


According to findings, the NNPC has also intensified efforts at increasing the supply of petrol into the market in order to bridge any unforeseen supply gap.

The Corporation will from Tuesday push over 260 trucks to Lagos as intervention trucks to vanish the queues and get sufficiency stabilised.


Major Oil Marketers Association of Nigeria has been assigned the responsibility of distributing 51 million litres which is equivalent to 1,300 trucks or 38 metric tonnes through its members.

It was gathered that before the weekend additional 62 metric tonnes of clean petrol will be distributed product to normalise fuel supply situation in the country.


The Nigerian Midstream and Downstream Petroleum Regulatory Authority said in a statement that the source from which the product was supplied has been identified and further commercial and appropriate actions would be taken by the

It was learnt that the current challenge being faced in the supply of petrol in some states was as a result of the directive to withdraw the wrong fuel grade from the Nigerian market.

The IPMAN chairman assured that the issue of wrong fuel grade was already being investigated, stating that the Managing Director of PPMC, Mr. Isiaku Abdullahi, was intervening in the matter.

“Until the investigation is concluded, I don’t want to comment more, so as not to pre-empt it, but Mr. Abdullahi is making efforts to ensure that all the depots are revived. He is doing a holistic rehabilitation of the depots,” he said.


Tajudeen commended the PPMC Boss for his efforts at ameliorating the situation, describing him as proactive.

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