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Tabulio, a Nigerian startup, has launched a social networking platform aimed at connecting African tech talent with global opportunities.

The startup was founded by Tosh Ajibade and Chris Steve in 2019 and was released as an MVP in 2021.

Through the platform, the team enables users to showcase their work, connect with potential employers, and network with other tech talents.

Unlike other social networking platforms, Tabulio focuses more on technical expertise and proficiency, providing developers with a centralized platform to display their portfolio of codes and repositories.

After a successful beta, Tabulio officially launched in May 2021 and has already accumulated over 5,000 users, with more than 1,500 projects posted on the platform.

For companies on the lookout for tech staff or freelancers, Tabulio provides access to a large pool of talent. The startup has also partnered with top learning partners in Nigeria, such as Treford and Uranus, to help facilitate education and upskill users.


“The majority of our users are from Nigeria, but there are also a couple of users from Ghana, India, Pakistan, and most parts of Europe,” said Ajibade.

Tabulio monetizes via subscriptions, advertising and commissions on digital products, and has quickly built a global audience.


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