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As the nation prepares for the 2023 general elections, the month of February has been prophetically described as a crucial month during which the glory and fortunes of Nigeria would be revived and restored.

According to Pastor Wole Oladiyun, the Senior Pastor of the Christ Livingspring Apostolic Ministry (CLAM), Omole, Lagos, a divine disruption will take place to upset previous political permutations and plans.

“ God said He is ready to rescue Nigeria and bring to fulfillment all His good plans and prophesies. God will walk through the length and breadth of Nigeria to shake the established order  that has impoverished Nigerians and held them by the jugular”, he said in Lagos on Wednesday during his Ministry’s weekly deliverance service.

Pastor Oladiyun revealed that some strange and unexpected developments will take place in the country that will shock many pundits and shame those who have perpetually dominated the political and economic landscapes.

“The time has come for Nigeria to be divinely rescued, and for its glory to be restored. A country that is as blessed as we are should not be languishing in poverty. Many Nigerians have lost faith in the electoral process due to their past experiences, but God is saying that He will cause severe disruptions that will liberate the people and set the nation on the path of accelerated development”, he said.

Quoting Psalm 3 Verse 3, Pastor Oladiyun stated that God will soon lift up the head of Nigeria which has been bowed by decades of misrule, greed, and avarice. 


He said many Nigerians would sing new songs in the month of February, adding that they should continue to work diligently, be prayerful, remain focused on God, and equip themselves with the relevant knowledge and skills.

He made prophetic declarations on the congregation, saying:

  1. A new revelation about their future will be shown to them by God this month.
  2. The anointing of the almighty God, and the grace of God to start new projects will be released to them this month.
  3. Those in wrong locations will be relocated miraculously by the grace of God and things will begin to work for them.
  4. The power of God and the inspiration of God (Job 32:8) to do well this month shall locate them.
  5. Psalm 12:7, Psalm 64:1. You shall be preserved from fire disaster and other tragedies.

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