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Some Nigerian social media users are mocking Tunde Ednut after his new Instagram account was deleted after gaining 1 million followers within 3 days.

When Tunde Ednut returned to Instagram few days ago, many celebrities on Instagram announced his return and urged their followers to go and follow Ednut.

He was able to gain 1 million followers so fast and even promised to give a lucky winner a car for hitting 1 million within few days. (Will he still give out the car?)

On his return, Tunde Ednut started shading people again, insulting their fathers and even blocked Comedian Mr Macaroni for advising him to stop insulting people.
He also allegedly shaded Wizkid and Wizkid’s fans seem to be happy about Ednut’s ordeal.

Now checkout how people are mocking him online.

We hope Tunde Ednut bounces back stronger. Like 1 Share12982163 cymera20210113122640 jpeg77cee087c0948071ab1b774ece3fdc1612982164 cymera20210113122654 jpegc5f94a6164af0de11cac0947bbb418fb12982165 cymera20210113122727 jpega3d1993691c038dc49c62af38a4a6a4f12982166 cymera20210113122738 jpeg4477d8c80f62d233fa690073d9feaad5
Re: Nigerians Mock Tunde Ednut As Instagram Bans His Account Again by lalasticlala(m): 12:29pm
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