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A talented Nigerian photographer and artist, Adewunmi Rasaq Babatunde has successfully sold three of his works for the sum of N740k. The photographs were sold as Non-Fungible Tokens, NFTs on Opensea, and the photographer took to Twitter to share his success story.

Adewumi told that each of the photos was sold at 0.15 ETH and when converted to Naira, it amounted to N740k

How he made the NFTs sale But it was not easy before Adewunmi was able to make his first sale at OpenSea. He said it took him at least four months of waiting and consistency before the breakthrough.

He told in an exclusive chat: “It’s quite hard and it’s mentally draining because it took me four months before my first sales. As well as hustling for visibility on Twitter which is a form of a marketplace, helping other artists retweet their works to be seen by collectors because they did the same for me. (Making friends in general because that’s what the community should be about) joining spaces to talk about my works and how they were all brought to existence. Also, My Metamask wallet got compromised twice and I felt like giving up but nothing comes easy. “So I would say continuity brought this, this isn’t just a solo winning for me, it’s a sign that the community is here for artists and artists are the new celebrities. It’s our time and we should continue supporting ourselves.”

In a related story, reported that a Nigerian artist was approached by Odogwu Bitters, a herbal drink company owned by Nigerian socialite, Obi Cubana for his artworks. The talented photographer identified as Sanjo Lawal shared his success story on Twitter. He however did not disclose the amount he was offered for the photographs which he snapped with Odowgwu Bitters bottles.



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