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A Nigerian man, Manume Nicholas, has invented a cooker that operates with water and premium motor spirit popularly known as fuel. 

He said he produced a cooker that runs on a mixture of water and petrol in the spirit of cursing the effect of the high cost of gas in the country.

Nicholas said the cooker uses 80 per cent water and 20 per cent fuel, adding that it took him two months to conduct the research leading to the invention.

Speaking on the efficiency of the invention, Nicholas, who studied Architecture at Abia State Polytechnic, Aba, said its portability is also an added advantage for Nigerians.

Nicholas who hails from Rivers State said the cooker is safe for use and works efficiently, and it cost him N10,000 to produce a unit. 

He said, “It is my invention and it uses water and little fuel. That is 80% water and 20% fuel. It is intended to cushion the effect of the high cost of gas. 


“I have been doing research on so many things. I didn’t study that in school. It is my talent and I intend to produce it in mass before it hits the market.” 

“It’s portable and can be carried around in a bag. The target is to make a mobile cooker that suits vacations and for students.”


The young talented inventor also said he needed financial sponsorship to achieve mass production of the cooker.

“I am planning to produce the bigger ones for industrial and domestic uses. It is durable and efficient, is pot-friendly and can be used anywhere,” Nicholas said. 


“Though it has not hit the market yet but will soon, I am avoiding premature selling of my idea. That’s why am looking for a partnership.”

“It is very safe. The water plays a major role in splitting the components,” he added.

Meanwhile, it has to be noted that many talented inventors in Nigeria have been seeking funds from the government and other wealthy individuals to produce in large quantities.

A female engineer, Kemisola Bolarinwa, who developed a smart bra to detect breast cancer also made the same call about funding of the research works to boost mass production.



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