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Deba Uwadiae

Mr. Deba Uwadiae, a Nigerian journalist and author, based in Columbus, Ohio, the United States of America (USA) has released a seven-track music album.

The album title: ‘Hallelujah Amen,’ was released with an ac­companying video on Thursday, May 27, 2021.

The album is coming barely three months after Uwadiae re­leased his two singles, ‘Ojomilo­ju’ and ‘Mogberi.’

Uwadiae, the publisher of ‘New Americans Magazine’ and author of ‘Coming to America: Early Life in America and Citi­zenship,’ in a statement to jour­nalists, expressed delight at the completion of the work, which he said he started a few years back, stressing that this was the right time for him to praise God for curbing the spread of the pan­demic in the globe.

He said: “There is no other way to express gratitude to God at this period than singing ‘Hal­lelujah Amen’ for bringing the pandemic under control.”

Other tracks in the album in­clude ‘One World One Nation’, ‘Streetlight Out’, ‘Kose’, ‘Osa with Ojomiloju’ and ‘Mogberi’.


The album is divided into secular and non-secular music. Three of the songs: Hallelujah Amen, Osa and Ojomiloju are religious, while he adopted Afro music, Samba and Reggae for the beats.

Apart from English language, the songs were rendered in two other Nigerian languages – Yoru­ba and Edo.


The album, which was re­leased in all digital platforms in­cluding Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Tik Tok, Media Net and YouTube Music has an accompanying video for Halle­lujah Amen, stressing that the remaining six tracks would be supported by video as well.

While previewing the album, the producer of Legal Angle and Columbus-based legal prac­titioner Emmanuel Olawale de­scribed Deba Uwadiae as “a man of multiple talents. It’s like your talent is unend­ing,” he said.


The album is produced by Theo Odiifuo of OD4 Music.

Before de­parting the shores of Ni­geria for US a few years back, Uwadiae had previously writ­ten books on aviation indus­try in Nigeria. He was Aviation Correspondent for Vanguard Newspaper for several years and later became a publisher of industry-based magazine.WhatsApp CTA

He was also at one time, the Sole Administrator of the League of Airport and Aviation Correspondent (LAAC).

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