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Nigeria has emerged as the third best in Africa and 28th globally in the EF English Proficiency Index ranking. The ranking was for countries classified as non-native English speaking.

Twenty African countries appeared in the ranking which was released in November 2022 with South Africa ranking 12th globally and first in Africa while Kenya ranks 20th globally and 2nd in Africa.

Others on the list in Africa are Ghana (41st globally and 4th in Africa), Uganda (55th globally and 5th in Africa) amongst others.

The Netherlands stands at the number one global spot while Singapore takes the second position.


The Education First English Proficiency Index (EF EPI) attempts to rank countries by the equity of English language skills amongst those adults who took the EF test.

The EF EPI 2022 edition was calculated using test data from 2.1 million test takers in 2021.


One hundred and eleven countries and territories appear in the 2022 edition of the index.

In order to be included in the ranking, a country is required to have at least 400 test takers.


Here is the list of African countries by English skills:

1. South Africa (12 globally)


2. Kenya (20 globally)

Nigeria (28 globally)

4. Ghana (41 globally)

5. Uganda  (55 globally)


6. Tunisia (56 globally)

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7. Tanzania (63 globally)

8. Ethiopia (68 globally)

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9. Morocco (76 globally)

10. Algeria (78 globally)


11. Egypt (85 globally)

12. Mozambique (86th globally)


13. Sudan (95 globally)

14. Cameroon (96 globally)

15. Somalia (100 globally)

16. Côte d’Ivoire (104 globally)


17. Angola (105 globally)

18. Rwanda (107 globally)

19. Libya (108 globally)

20. Democratic Republic of Congo (110 globally).

Here is the global ranking by English skills:

1. Netherlands

2. Singapore

3. Austria

4. Norway

5. Denmark

6. Belgium

7. Sweden

8. Finland

9. Portugal

10. Germany

11. Croatia

12. South Africa

13. Poland

14. Greece

15. Slovakia

16. Luxembourg

17. Romania

18. Hungary

19. Lithuania

20. Kenya

21. Bulgaria

22. Philippines

23. Czech Republic

24. Malaysia

25. Latvia

26. Estonia

27. Serbia

28. Nigeria

29. Switzerland

30. Argentina

31. Hong Kong, China

32. Italy

33. Spain

34. France

35. Ukraine

36. South Korea

37. Costa Rica

38. Cuba

39. Belarus

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