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A new book titled Mental Fortitude has been unveiled by Pastor Wole Oladiyun, Senior Pastor of the Christ Livingspring Apostolic Ministry (CLAM), Omole, Lagos. The 46-page book is the 90th publication of Pastor Oladiyun, a prolific author and international speaker.

According to Pastor Oladiyun, Mental Fortitude is a book written to change the orientation of young people towards how to handle life’s challenges, and also equip them with the knowledge and skills required to become overcomers..

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The book has six distinct chapters professionally arranged as follows:

Chapter One: What is Mental Toughness?

Chapter Two: Developing Mental Toughness

Chapter Three: Measuring Mental Toughness


Chapter Four: My Mental Toughness Journey

Chapter Five: Building Budding Resilience


Chapter Six: Are You Ready?

In his trademark simple but firm, racy, and assuring writing style, Pastor Oladiyun takes the reader through some basic definitions and assumptions while laying the foundation for his refreshing perspective.


Despite being a renowned prayer virtuoso, Pastor Oladiyun’s Mental Fortitude is not the typical prayer book; it is a deep excursion into the world of intellectualism, drawing strong parallels from his real-life experiences, while fully acknowledging and apprecating the God factor in human success.

Sample these definitions by him:

  • Mental toughness is the inner strength that keeps you going in the face of challenges.
  • Mental toughness is the measure of a person’s determination and self-assurance at attaining success in whatever he aims for.
  • Mental toughness is also the capacity a person portrays in dealing positively with adversity, trials, stress, etc., irrespective of the circumstances before him.

He writes further: “Success is first internal before it is external. That is, if you cannot “see” it with your inner eyes, you cannot “touch” it with your hands. The truth is, to succeed in life, there is the place of your talent, your intelligence, your locality, and perhaps, availability of resources for your use. However, all of the aforementioned cannot be sustained without inner strength which is also referred to as, “Mental Fortitude” or “Mental Toughness. Mental success starts from the inside before it manifests on the outside”.

Mental Fortitude is a book carefully packaged by the author to stimulate your capacity for critical thinking while challenging you to rise up and confront whatever challenges that are limiting your success. In this book, Pastor Oladiyun drew inspiration from his personal life history.


Having lost his father before he became a teenager, Pastor Oladiyun and his siblings were cared for by their mum, a trader who worked hard to give his children the best despite all odds. Through a dint of hard work, grit, resilience, and mental toughness, as well as the benevolence of uncles and other relatives, Pastor Wole Oladiyun became a Civil Engineering graduate of the University of Ife. Life was rough and tough but he waded through, ably assisted by his wife, Pastor Mrs. Bukola Oladiyun (Nee Olubakinde).

Mental Fortitude was published in 2022 by Soteria Publishing.


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For a full list of Pastor Oladiyun’s books, and to purchase your copies, visit and, or visit CLAM bookshop at Plots 1-6, CLAM Avenue, Omole, Lagos. To download his prayer bulletins, visit

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