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My Brother Entrusted His Mistress In My Care And I Fell In Love With Her…To Hell With Family Bond.

I was barely nine weeks old in my new apartment when my elder brother, Bodunde, breezed in unannounced. It was a dewy morning preceded by an all night freeze. I least expected Bodunde that early on a week day Especially with the drudgery of his job as a big grocery store manager which makes such visits a luxury.
“You have a nice place” Bodunde said as I offered him one of the six plastic chairs in my living room. I quickly explained that I was saving money towards the purchase of befitting furniture and he acknowledged my efforts with a soft pat on my back.
I was pleasantly surprised and got lost in a stream of thoughts as well. Was his visit motivated by filial love or buoyed by other reasons?
My beloved brother, Bodunde soon unfolded his agenda. As I took him on a tour of my two bedroom flat, he checked out everywhere with a finicky relish. Then, he turned to me and said ” Bolu, I need a favour from you… Since you have two rooms here and you are all alone, you will help me accommodate a lady friend who is having accommodation problems… Just for some time”
He went further to unveil the identity of the lady, Regina who he described as a single mother whose 16-year old daughter lives with her estranged husband in Port Harcourt.
He said Regina’s marriage had crashed about nine years ago though he didn’t tell me what led to it. I didn’t ask either.
There was a momentary silence. He knew and I knew that I couldn’t say no to his request. Bodunde is our family’s supreme court. His words are laws. But he duly earned this commanding reputation. Since our parents died, he has been our father figure, picking our bills and shouldering all responsibilities until we were all able to fend for ourselves.
Four days later, Bodunde personally brought the lady and her belongings. Regina epitomises beauty toned down by trauma. Tall, fair-skinned and golden-haired, her face bore wrinkles of trepidation but her natural sparkles still beamed as she brought in her bags and baggage. Her balloon shaped boobs and massive backside loom large on her lanky frame.
Courteous and ever conscious of her status in my flat, she showered me with daily praise and prayers. From our interactions, I discovered that she was six years older than me yet she accords me great regards always.

We bonded and blended fast. She is a skilled hair stylist who renders home services to her numerous clients. She hardly stays at home unless in the evenings. But most times, as a web designer, I work from home.

Suddenly, Regina started acting strange. I noticed her mood switch when my girl friend, Alero came for a weekend. Alero is an undergraduate of the University of Ibadan. It was her first time in my house. It was so much fun.
It started the very Friday night she came. We went to bed early but we slept late. Alero was virtually on fire. First, she sucked my nipples nimbly and adroitly brushed my thighs with her furry, furled loins. My body pulsated. Then, she took a cup of ice cream from the bedside fridge and painstakingly pasted the cream on my dick. . .and began to lick the paste. I screamed!
It was already 1.30am. My cock stood firm as I rolled over Alero whose groins had been smeared by vaginal fluids. It was her turn to scream and hers was deafening as I grilled her pussy with ferocious thrusts.

Unknown to us, Regina was wide awake all night, apparently disturbed by our love making rhythms.
For the two nights that Alero and I spent together, our love making was like war faring. Intense, rough, rigorous but extremely pleasurable.

Days after Alero left, Regina stayed withdrawn and hostile like a jealous wife. I was shocked. This was absolutely baseless. From all I know, Bodunde and Regina are close. I suspect that my brother visits her whenever I’m not at home but I have never met him.
Slightly disturbed by this inexplicable but subtle animosity brewing between us, I decided to broach the issue with her. She claimed she had personal issues and had nothing to do with me. ” You’re my benefactor and I will always be grateful to you ” She said, as drew me close in a warm, seductive hug ” Thank you, I love you” Regina whispered to my ears, kissed me and caressed my upstanding manhood. I quaked and quivered but quickly recovered my sanity, disentangled myself and walked back to my room without uttering a word.

I sat at the edge of my bed with my head bowed in a labyrinth of thoughts. I knew what Regina wanted but I also knew it wasn’t right to do it. First, she is my brother’s mistress. Besides, this lady is six year’s older than me. I slept off in the process of wracking my brain.


Regina stealthily entered my room and roused me with a mind blowing kiss. I tried to push her away but she came prepared. Her full breast dangled sensually as she sat on my crotch. Her wide, pulpy arse spread across my vibrating thighs while an already hardened dick was piercingly searching for the slippery hole. Regina raised her buttocks, fondled my itchy manhood, gently rubbed it on her pussy’s clean shaven labia. I was lost.
She moved further down and began a rare blow job. Sticky sperm lined her thick lips as Regina let off a shrill moan: ” fuck me now, I want it now”
I mounted her, caressed her stiff nipples and nudged in my cock simultaneously. Her pussy was filled with fluids. ” I love your dick” she said as the thrusts raged faster and deeper. ” I will always fuck you ” she continued in an uncommon fit of fantasy.

Two days later, Regina virtually relocated to my room and stopped picking my brother’s calls.
One day, Regina laid on my chest, kissing and caressing when her phone rang again. It was my brother’s call. I encouraged her to pick it. She obliged. ” I’m sorry for not picking your calls but the truth is that I’m in love with your brother, Bolu now. We will talk about it in details…” Bodunde hung up. And my phone rang almost immediately. I knew he was the caller. He started raining curses on me for sleeping with his mistress. Now, Bodunde has threatened to disown me. But I really don’t give a damn anymore. I’m in love with Regina, my brother’s ex mistress.


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