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A Nigerian businessman, Daniel Moses, said that he once invested in oil and gas before his fortune went into flames The man narrated how everything about his life and family was going well until his tanker had an accident Daniel teared up during a podcast session as he said recalling the heavy losses always makes him emotional. A Nigerian millionaire and real estate mogul, Daniel Moses, has narrated one of the misfortunes he suffered earlier in life. In a short TikTok video shared by @ceoofyoupodcast, Daniel said he brought £150,000 (N157,224,750) back home to Nigeria. He invested the sum into oil and gas.

He said the business was going well for a while, as he had no problem with money. Daniel and his family went on vacations.

Sometime in 2015, one of his tanker drivers told him they lost their goods to an accident, and everything was in flames. The man cried while reliving the sad experience. compiled some of the reactions below: JohnBeengettinCash said: “Insurance?” sergemulapa said: “That’s the part where you learn that you can’t have a business without insurance…” Strawhat Emporio said: “Is he crying because of his driver or because he lost money?” pearcesole said: “The danger of doing business in Nigeria. the accident could have been a sabotage by rival business people.”

Shelvin Shaldano said: “I think that loss just drained him out.” Albert Aggrey said: “I think there should be insurance.” Afro said: “Envy messed up the business in my opinion. British man opened up a successful business? Sounds odd.” Vanessa U. said: “So there isn’t some sort of insurance when transporting a huge amount of oil & gas? That’s super high risk.” Leoakah said: “Life is hard.” Topshoodbeauty said: “I moved to uk because my business failed , everything just went from to 100 to zero , it’s a long story, doing business in Nigeria not easy.”



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