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Recent revelations trailing the unfortunate passing of 27 years old Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, professionally known as MohBad, have proven, beyond doubts, a serious case of brazen bullying by some of his colleagues and associates, presumably leading to depression, among other health concerns, for the young man.

Unfortunately, the health angle to his demise was not really established before he was hurriedly lowered into Mother Earth as if there was a communal conspiracy to shut down further leads on his death. That was suspect, though.

But what cannot be controverted are videos showing constant harassment and bullying by some of his former allies, a brigandage often led by some fair-complexioned fellow called Sam Larrry, a supposed associate of Naira Marley, under whose label the deceased was before he chose to part ways.

Interestingly, because the Larry fellow appears like some human breeds, who peddle forced influence through chanced videos and photographs with VIPs, the insinuation that the police might not act in the MohBad case is beginning to swirl, indicating abuse of power and influence.

This, among other reasons, is why the police must step in and dismiss, via organised action and thorough investigation, such erroneous impressions.

The lawlessness perpetrated by these fellows, as indicated in many of the videos that the police can easily access, is enough reason to step in and affirm that Nigeria is not a Banana Republic.


However, a silent police could mean accessory to the crime and would have further corroborated fears by some people that those guys had the police under wrap.

Painful as MohBad’s death might seem, getting his memory justice could assuage many nerves and equally send a strong message that there is an active, responsible, sensible, sensitive, and sensate government in place.


Therefore, as an appeal to @nigeriapoliceforce, and against all conspiracy theories, let not a promising 27-year-old die in vain, and by same stroke, prevent more deaths of equally auspicious lives by reining in the prowling monsters in all spheres of the Nigerian system.

Goodnight, MohBad🙏🏾


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