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Moghalu says he is not shading anyone, “I am making a positive affirmative statement. But you are entitled to your imagination.”

Kingsley Moghalu has thrown an indirect jibe at the conditional presidential declaration of former Anambra State governor, Peter Obi

Peter Obi had said that he would only contest the presidential ticket of his party if it is zoned to the South. 

He had said:“All the elections I followed in the past, the PDP made a pronouncement and took a stand. At least in 2019 when I was involved, where I can say Atiku Abubakar chose me as his running mate, for which I remain grateful, the party decided that the candidate should come from the North.

“And I believe that the party owes it a duty to declare their stand. If its stand today is South, be rest assured I am aspiring, if it says North, I can’t do otherwise or the party may decide to choose the option that everybody is free with and then, you will hear from me.”

But Moghalu contrasted his presidential aspiration with those of Peter Obi in a tweet that has drawn him a lot of flak for its subtle attack on Peter Obi. 


He said: “I’m running for President of Nigeria. I’m not waiting for anyone to (fake) “call on me”, or until the presidency is zoned to anywhere. I’m running on a vision, not on ethnic identity politics. I’m as good as anyone in Nigeria, north or south, to be President.”

An aide to President Muhammadu Buhari on social media, Bashir Ahmad, quoted Moghalu’s tweet to show that it was an attack on Peter Obi. 


.He said: “Not yet time for the political battles (campaigns), but see Kingsley Moghalu subbing one of the PDP’s presidential hopefuls.”

A tweet from @DanielRegha added: “Mr. Moghalu your above statement, ‘I’m not waiting…until the presidency is zoned to anywhere’ seems like an indirect shade to Peter Obi, but I may be wrong though; Nevertheless, good luck to u on ur presidential race. I hope your southern leaders unite as one when the time comes.”


@Blackjiggy45 said: “Shading Peter Obi won’t get you anywhere,  just run ur campaign.”

Moghalu responded: “I’m not shading anyone, I am making a positively affirmative statement. But you are entitled to your imagination.”

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