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How it happened

In his statement, he denied killing his lover, stating that he woke up to make love to her in the middle of the night only to find her dead.

“I have known Hajara before she got married; we have been in a relationship for a long time. In between, she got married and got divorced twice, but we still kept on seeing each other until she got married again a few years ago.

“Whenever I wanted to have s3xual relationship with her, I invite her to the bush where we will `catch our fun’, and she will return home. On the said date, we arranged to meet at my friend’s place, one Ojukwu, who is also married, after she told her husband that she was going for a wedding in Bauchi State.

“As agreed, we met at Ojukwu’s house and he (Ojukwu), gave us a room to pass the night. Ojukwu’s wife later sent a boy with `garri’ (cassava flour), and kuli-kuli (groundnut cake), to Hajara, which she soaked and took, after which she retired to sleep.


“I woke up at 2 am to make love to her, but discovered that she was motionless. I quickly ran to Ojukwu’s room to alert him, but his wife told me that he did not sleep at home.”

Gundumi was left in confusion, he picked his phone and called Ojukwu to inform him of the tragedy and suggested that the matter should be reported to the police. But his friend, Ojukwu allegedly insisted that the matter should not be reported to the police because it would land him in serious trouble.


Gundumi in his statement claimed that Ojukwu advised him to dump the body by the roadside, which they both did, and went their separate ways. Six days after Hajara’s lifeless body was dumped, there was commotion in front of his house and as he peeped through the window, he discovered that policemen had stormed his house to arrest him.

His surrender


Luckily, he escaped inside the bush and stayed there for three days after which his daughter called to tell him that the police had taken his elder brother away. “I felt bad when I heard that sad news that my brother had been taken away by the police and I decided to surrender myself to the police”.

Gundumi insisted that he had no hand in the death of the woman. “I did not kill her. But I may not know if my friend’s wife poisoned the `garri’ she gave her because that was the last thing she took before going to bed.’’

Her husband opens up

The deceased husband, Mr Markus Jagaba, 44, in his statement, stated that his wife took permission from him to attend a wedding at Jakandangiwa village in Bauchi State. Jagaba added that he allowed her to go because it was a family occasion and he did not suspect that she was going to meet another man.


“My wife told me she was going to attend a family occasion at Jakandangiwa village in Bauchi State. I did not argue with her. I simply allowed her to go because I didn’t know she had other plans.

“I became worried when she did not return home after the wedding and did not respond to my phone calls. I called her family members and was shocked to learn that she was not at the wedding.


“When we did not see her after searching everywhere, my family and I reported the matter to the police after which I was called by the police, some days later, to come over and identify the corpse which I confirmed to be my wife’s.’’

Source: The Sun News

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