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A man caught having sex with a horse for the second time has pleaded guilty.

Isaac Cluley, 23, was convicted of bestiality charges at Leicester Crown Court on Wednesday, March 10. This comes 4 years after he had sex with a different horse.

The court heard Cluley was prosecuted in 2016 for an earlier offence of having sex with a horse, Leicester Live reports, leaving the judge asking if he has an overpowering sexual interest in horses.

His latest sexual offence left a family’s pet shetland pony scared and defensive.Man, 23, sentenced for

Cluley pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to one count of sexual penetration of a living animal last August and admitted possessing extreme pornography, including mobile phone footage of the pony.

Recorder William Edis QC said: “For the second time in your life you’re before the court for having sexual intercourse with a horse and that – if I say no more – is an alarming picture.


“One thing I have to do as the judge is to try and work out why you’ve committed this unusual offence twice.

“Is it because you have overpowering sexual interest in horses?


“Is it a cry or help or attention seeking?”

Andrew Fitch-Holland, prosecuting, said a friend of the defendant’s stumbled upon the video on his phone when he used it to call his mum.Man, 23, sentenced for


The horse’s owner attended court to read a personal impact statement.

She told the judge: “The fact someone was walking around and prepared to rape an animal on more than one occasion concerns me greatly.”

The 44-year-old owner added: “I feel anxious because I don’t know how many times it’s happened.”

After the hearing, she said: “The pony was such a sweetie, so trusting, but is now wary and defensive.


“When she becomes scared and fearful – even by something normal like having a rug put on – it reminds me of what happened.

“If it was down to me he would be in custody now.


“I can only hope whatever his rehabilitation involves, that it works.

“I can’t forgive what he did to a harmless animal, I’ve not heard anything to explain why he’s done it and he’s shown no remorse.”

Lennox Mall

Cluley, described as having learning difficulties, was in “considerable distress” following his arrest and officers were concerned for his wellbeing.

He told officers: “I want help with my mental health, it’s why I’ve been drinking more lately.”


Cluley from Aylestone, Leicester, was given a six-month jail sentence, suspended for two years, with a 30-day rehabilitation activity requirement.

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